Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Top 10 Things You Can Find At A Cranberry Festival

1. Cranberries in every make and size.

2. An abundant source of flags in every thing you can imagine such as patriotic ones and floral seasonal ones. merry Christmas to some one.

3. Pumpkin Fudge and Chocolate Bacon?  I am a chocoholic but admit I am not sure I would go for that. Maybe a sampling. Pumpkin Bread put it in the basket, I am sure it won't go to waste with coffee in the morning. Fudge Puppies?  I didn't get too close to see or to ask. They could have been to take home to the pooch, I can not verify that but I have seen many a festival that has gourmet doggie treats that I almost wouldn't mind a little bite.

4. Wine was by far the longest line and I saw many brown bags leaving the festival with a bottle or two.  A few were carrying cases. Not a bad idea for a holiday present. I wish I would have thought of it. Cranberry Cheers?

5. Wolves, I couldn't believe all the people in line to go in the case and pet the wolves and get your pictures taken, little kids too.  Now mind you there have been times I wanted to feed my kids to the wolves but it was only a fantasy. I have a picture of the line but not the wolves.  I was afraid I would get bit.

6. Soup samples, another really long line! They had wine samples too at the other tent. Sample do seem to be a crowd pleaser and often times it helps to boost sales.

7. Fancy bags, and recycle Cranberry Festival grocery bags were also for sale at the White Horse Inn.  It was a fundraiser but I thought $15 was a little too steep.  If I didn't already have six that I obtained for free, I may have indulged.

Unique ideas to buy or take home and try. I would never think of using a horse saddle or a floral arrangement but it can be done.  I later saw someone who purchased the snow walker floral arrangement.  I think that is what it is next to the saddle. You name it they had it here. Rows and rows of food trucks and stands of things you really aren't suppose to eat but we all do and LOVE them.

The prize for the best cranberry cookies in the State of New Jersey at the 2014 Chatsworth Cranberry Festival (IMO) goes to Alex's Lemonade and the lemonade was pretty good too.

Music at the general store was a big hit, these guys were having fun and they were good too. The bigger treat Buzby's General Store is on the National Register of Historic Places. I liked a few items inside but went for the squash soup packet with the cooler weather coming up.  I you will notice a pattern.  I am stocking up on comfort food.

10. There were many sections to wander into from food to crafts and also a fine arts section. I was enthralled with this wood work. I am thrifty and as I age gracefully I am more in the market for getting rid of stuff but I was seriously contemplating one of these. I thought they were all amazing pieces of art but this one mirror really caught my eye. I fell in love with the mirror in the center of the second photograph.  It reminded me of architect Frank Lloyd Wright's work, the artist said it was indeed patterned after his work. I knew exactly where I would out it.  Even though I knew what a fine piece of art it was I could not bring myself to pay the $1,700 plus price for it.  It was gorgeous but I didn't want my kids to fight over it when I was gone. Family feuds are so tiresome.

People came in droves and not one person walked away without out  bag of something.  Vendors, you might want to check this out for next year.  I purchased soup, just coming off a week at the beach and jonesing for more clam chowder I had to do it.  Anyone ever hear of She Crab soup? I will let you know thumbs up or thumbs down.  I have not sampled it yet.  I am waiting for a special occasion. It's not every day you come across a delicacy.

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