Thursday, October 30, 2014

Top 10 Things That Can Make You Scream



Roller coaster

Scary Movies

Your Shadow, jumping out at you

Your kid scores in the big game

 Walking through a spider web

When someone cuts you off on the road.

Winning the lottery (even a free ticket can make you feel like a millionaire)

Teenagers (warning they scream back) it doesn't really accomplish anything, which makes you want to scream even more!! Take a walk in the cool autumn breeze and enjoy the colors. Deflection is a beautiful thing.

and of course Politics
Vote on November 4th

Weekend homework: If you don't already know the candidates look up information and decide for yourself.  Don't rely on Facebook, Friends, Smear Campaigns and other Ad Hoc vote for the America and American that makes sense to you. #TURNOUTFORWHAT

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