Thursday, October 23, 2014

Top 10 Pumpkin Personalities

Witch Won R Yew

1. The inconspicuous pumpkin hangs outside and gets along with all the neighbors. He probably knows everyone's business too, that is why he is smiling.

2. People may call this pumpkin trashy but deep down it is doing a good deed. Pumpkins like this are easily discarded.

3. The deflated pumpkin can have many reasons for their reappearance, but usually they are codependent on someone else to get a rise out of them.

4. Here is another one of those nice neighborly pumpkins that could use a little dental work, something you can easily look past. He's happy just the way he is. Good fences make good neighbors.

5. The pumpkin social climber, at least one can be found in every family tree.

6. The shady pumpkin often hides behind trees.  Is he/she just shy or someone to fear?

7. Angry or evil, typically you want to steer clear of this pumpkin. They are notably having a bad day.

8. This pumpkin has no teeth at all. I am not trying to make a generalization but this is a common trait among pumpkins. Perhaps too much Halloween candy was consumed before the holiday even arrived. Something for all pumpkins to ponder.

9. Pumpkins can often be found in the company of some of the most notorious characters, yet the pumpkin would be the least suspect in a crime, perhaps it is its orange color.

10. I have to say, this is the first time I have come across a pumpkin with wings, but they do exist.

Does your pumpkin match your personality?
Imagine being judged by the pumpkin you keep or display. 
What does your pumpkin say about you?

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