Thursday, January 23, 2014

Top 10 Proper Ways To Deal With the Snow

I have always loved "snow days' and the morning after digging out.

If you have a garage and you use it you can skip most of these steps.

1. Leave the shovel and or shovels by the front door. You might have a broom handy too.

2. Does everyone have two shovels?

3. Is one of them terrible? Why do you keep it? Do you have to get out the door first to get the good one? Is that fair in snow wars?

4. Clear the front door and the small porch you have, if you have a big one just clear a path.  Try to get all the way down to concrete or it is going to freeze. Cat liter and salt does work to melt the ice but what a mess when you track it inside. UGH. Of course that mess is easier to clean up then then repercussions from a nasty fall.

5. Make your way to the driveway or street and clear the car.  Do you turn the engine on while you are clearing the car? I do even if I am not going anywhere.  If I am going somewhere it is toasty warm inside by the time I am ready for the road. That is sweet.

6. What about having your windshield wipers stick straight up in the air to prevent them from freezing? Does that really work? Will they freeze up in the air?

7. I approach the side windows first and then the windshield just to see what is under there and to open the door.

8. I then clear the roof and brush snow down to the area I just cleared.  I am not sure why I do this it is just routine. I always wish I had a push broom at this time and this thought reoccurs every time I go through these same motions, again a routine.

9.  Once the roof is cleared and I proceed to clear the sides, windshield and the front of my car, again, I start the harder part digging out and clearing the path so I can drive out of the surrounding snow. FYI your roof should be completely free of any snow or ice before you travel on any roads. It is not that much of an extra effort but it can become a huge safety issue if it blows off your car and hits another car.

10. Recommendations here, if you are not in shape, pace yourself.  I am in shape, ahem, I think until hours after the deed.  You should bend you knees, it is easier on the back and be careful about that twisting motion.

Hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot soup or hot toddy is an acceptable reward.  
Smile and enjoy, it's a snow day!

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