Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Top 10 January is For Foodies Month

Fiber Focus Month Read about the USDA's recommendations on "roughing it" and fiber rich foods.
Coffee Gourmet Month (International) The U. S. ranks 25th among other countries for coffee consumption. Brazil and Vietnam are the top producers.  Here is a partial list of coffee companies from wikipedia and here is a list of coffeehouse chains.  I have never been but I like the name of and can relate to the name Jittery Joe's in Georgia.

Diet Month, Fat-Free Living Month, Lose Weight  It is no wonder these "observances" are coming up
after the holidays. Do what you can and save a little room for next month, it is "chocolate lovers month". I am dreaming about it!
Oatmeal Month (US National) Oatmeal makes an excellent and popular breakfast meal that sticks to your inners for several hours with its complex carbs and fiber adds benefits to your health. You can be healthy as a house.

Prune Breakfast Month Prunes are a super food. doesn't every one want to be supper.  According to the Sunsweet website, prunes are good for healthy bones, potassium found in prunes can prevent hypertension and stroke, and may also contribute to fiber, blood sugar control and regularity benefits.

Tea Month (US National) -  Hot Tea Month The U.S. ranks 69th on the list of tea consumers. Turkey is the top tea drinker.

Soup Month (US National)
A cold day and bowl of soup are natural companions and every one know chicken soup is good for the soul and the first thing you want when you have a cold. Homemade vegetable soup allows you to be creative when cleaning out the fridge.  Most vegetables get along, you just need a base and spices to make a good batch.

Retail Bakers Month UGH nothing personal against these people, I am a number one fan but January again? I think they cornered the market with pies, cakes, cookies, cupcakes and filled with cream last month. I am trying to abstain a little this month but lent is next month so maybe I can be persuaded. Any sales out there?  Day old works for me. I am also budgeting this month.

Bread Machine Making Month and Wheat Bread Month If you received a bread machine for Christmas I am sure you are busy with this operation.  Who doesn't love bread?

January is Slow Cooker Month You can find so many recipes online and usually good discounted prices on crock pots after the holidays. My favorite recipes, chili, meatballs, pulled pork and roast beef.  Such a delight to throw it in the pot in the morning and come home in the evening to the aroma of somebody has been cooking all day. Love that lady!

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