Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Top 10 Famous People From Denver

Born in Denver and possible Denver Bronco fans

1.  Tim Allen Timothy Alan Dick, comedian his father died when he was 11 years old killed by a drunk driver.

2. Duan Lee "Dog Chapman bounty hunter and former bail bondsman "reality star".

3.  John Searle award winning American philosopher. known for the"Chinese Room" thought experiment, an argument against strong artificial intelligence.

4. Karl Rove is a Republican political consultant and adviser. He was a member of the George W. Bush administration.

5. James Smith McDonnell co-founder of McDonnell Douglas.

6. India.Aire Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer.

7. David Fincher is an American film director and video director. Some of his works include Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and many music videos.

8. Roy Halladay a Major League Baseball pitcher and one of the favorites of Philadelphia Phillies fans.

9. Trey Parker American actor, voice actor, animator, screenwriter, film director, producer, comedian, singer, musician and co-creator of South Park and Tony award winning The Book of Mormon.

10. Frank Welker an American actor who specializes in voice acting. He had grossed more than those of any other actor in Hollywood from 1980 until 2011, when he was surpassed by Samuel L. Jackson. He has been the voice of Freddy Jones (the blonde boy) of Scobby Doo for 40 years and Scooby Doo for the last 10 also Santa's Little Helper on The Simpsons and so many more.

Totally unrelated to born in Denver but a link I was led to when I was looking up Frank Welker, behindthevoiceactors.com is cool, you can find all sorts of cartoon characters you grew up with and see who did the voice, pretty amazing.

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