Friday, January 31, 2014

Top 10 Songs About Horses - 2014 Chinese Year of the Horse

I am not sure it will have a connection BUT a bronco is a horse. Will it be the year of the Broncos?
As close as I can get for Seattle is say saddle rear fast saddle saddle saddle sounds like saddle and horses need a saddle to ride them. Okay it is a stretch. Maybe I was a little too idle last Saturday, a light dusting snow day.

Links to some Horse Songs on YouTube 
Horses are every where.

Horse sculpture at the Denver Airport
1. Pony Time Chubby Checker

Tour guides through the Swiss Alps
2. The Horse Cliff Nobeles and Company

Carriage ride in Philadelphia

3. Dark Horse George Harrison

Race Horse training farm in Maryland, thoroughbreds breed here.
4. Horses Palace Music

Horse Guards in London

Buckingham Palace in London

Horse With No Name America

Philadelphia Harrah's in Chester, PA

Wild Horses Rolling Stones

Assateague State Park in Maryland

Theme from Mr. Ed (Mr. Ed one of my favorite television heroes, tops any reality show in my book.) The theme was written by Ray Evans and Jay Livingston.  Sung by Jay Livingston, a Pennsylvania guy.

Pennsbury Manor, William Penn's home in Bucks County, PA

Chestnut Mare The Byrds

Colonial Plantation at Ridley Creek State Park
PSY Gangnam Style

Pegasus in downtown Denver
Dark Horse Katy Perry

Balboa Park, San Diego

Happy Chinese New Year!

Year of the Horse

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Top 10 Super Bowl Challenge Quiz 2014

 1. Who will win the coin toss?

 2. What company will have the first commercial after the kickoff?

 3. What team will score first?

 4. Who will be sacked first?

 5. Score after the first quarter?

 6. Winning at Halftime?

 7. Score after the 3rd quarter?

 8. Who Will WIN The Game?

 9. Who will be MVP?

10. Total points scored in the game from both teams.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Top 10 Famous People from Seattle

Bill Gates co-founder of Microsoft and philanthropist. He ranks 2nd on the Forbes list of billionaires in 2013.

Apolo Ohno Olympic Speed Skating Champion and also Dancing with the Stars Champion.

Gail Devers Olympic Track and Field Champion.

Richard F. Gordon  Jr. NASA astronaut.

Stephen S. Oswald NASA astronaut.

Judy Collins noted singer of "Both Sides Now" written by Joni Mitchell was born in Seattle and lived there for the first ten years of her life.  Her family then moved to Denver, Colorado.

Ben Haggerty stage name Macklemore Rapper who has won various music awards and is up for several Grammys in 2014.

Jim Whittaker first American to climb Mt. Everest, famous quote, "You never conquer a mountain. Mountains can't be conquered; you conquer yourself" and "If you aren't living on the edge, you are taking up too much space".

Mary Youngblood is an award winning Native American Musician.

Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft is the current owner of the Seattle Seahawks who will be playing in the upcoming XLVIII Superbowl at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on February 2nd.

Unfortunately, wikipedia does not list sports alliances but I wager if any of these people are rooting for the Seahawks they have an impressive fan base. Tomorrow: the Colorado Crowd.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Top 10 Famous People From Denver

Born in Denver and possible Denver Bronco fans

1.  Tim Allen Timothy Alan Dick, comedian his father died when he was 11 years old killed by a drunk driver.

2. Duan Lee "Dog Chapman bounty hunter and former bail bondsman "reality star".

3.  John Searle award winning American philosopher. known for the"Chinese Room" thought experiment, an argument against strong artificial intelligence.

4. Karl Rove is a Republican political consultant and adviser. He was a member of the George W. Bush administration.

5. James Smith McDonnell co-founder of McDonnell Douglas.

6. India.Aire Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer.

7. David Fincher is an American film director and video director. Some of his works include Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and many music videos.

8. Roy Halladay a Major League Baseball pitcher and one of the favorites of Philadelphia Phillies fans.

9. Trey Parker American actor, voice actor, animator, screenwriter, film director, producer, comedian, singer, musician and co-creator of South Park and Tony award winning The Book of Mormon.

10. Frank Welker an American actor who specializes in voice acting. He had grossed more than those of any other actor in Hollywood from 1980 until 2011, when he was surpassed by Samuel L. Jackson. He has been the voice of Freddy Jones (the blonde boy) of Scobby Doo for 40 years and Scooby Doo for the last 10 also Santa's Little Helper on The Simpsons and so many more.

Totally unrelated to born in Denver but a link I was led to when I was looking up Frank Welker, is cool, you can find all sorts of cartoon characters you grew up with and see who did the voice, pretty amazing.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Top 10 Super Bowl Party Menu Ideas (Stock up)

1. Wings and Things

2. Chili (You mean weather?) according to IMAP H37 L23 (FYI that is balmy weather from what we have had lately) 0% chance of precipitation. Weather Underground says 30/31 0% chance of precipitation and Accuweather says 35/30 58% chance of precipitation. Snow could certainly make the game more exciting.

3. Pulled Pork Sandwiches (invite me I have a  great crock pot recipe).

4. Pepperoni and Cheese Spread, throw some grapes on the plate to make it healthier.

5. Veggie Dip and Chips

6 . Beer (designated drivers are recommended and encouraged) and coffee lots of coffee, Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle. You know where they are leaning.

7. Pizza (bring your own topping).

8. Popcorn and champagne for the winners.

9. Burgers and Hot Dogs (Is there a Denver dog or Seattle Slim?)

10. Marijuana is new to the menu this year in those states where it is legal.  The rest of us can only watch. We can have brownies. Stock up on the munchies. Anything and everything goes.

Typically the Super Bowl Party is a feeding frenzy. For those that are counting calories, there is no need to "run up" the points just make smarter choices and have a Super Day!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why Maybe You Can Pick the Grammy Winners

I am starting to feel like a Granny with the Grammy Awards.

Truth is I only know "some" of the artists up for awards, so I went to YouTube to give a listen and these (listed below after the song title) were the "hits" on January 21st a fun snow day activity in the East.  Let's see if the judges agree with social media. You can find all the songs on YouTube and also find where you can buy them. A special 2014 Grammy Nominations Album became available on January 21st. Best I can offer is "Good Luck Kids".

How do "they" Recording Academy Members only, pick the winners?  Watch the video at for the details.

1. Record of the Year

1. Roar Kathy Perry  336,146,392
2. Just Give Me A Reason  Pink featuring Nate Ruess  251,692,597
3. Locked Out Of Heaven Bruno Mars 227,731,687
4. Royals Lorde  161,221,161
5. Same Love  Ben Haggerty, Mary Lambert and Ryan Lewis, songwriters (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Featuring Mary Lambert) 105,285,002

2. Song of the Year (not sure what the difference is between record and song of the year).

1. Blurred Lines Robin Thicke 257,173,648
2. Locked Out Of Heaven Bruno Mars 227,731,687
3. Royals Lorde  161,221,161
4. Radioactive Imagine Dragons 125,030,236
5. Get Lucky Daf Punk 44,963,332

3. Album of the Year

Random Access Memories Daf Pink 5,679,124
Red Taylor Swift 686,829 
Good Kid, M.A.A.D City Kendrick Lamar 642,461 
The Heist Macklemore and Ryan Lewis  479,213
The Blessed Unrest Sara Barellis 240,713

4.  Best New Artist

Ed Sheeran 2,136,241
Kendrick Lamar 627,338
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis 645,752
James Blake  112,706 subscribers
Kacey Musgraves 48,649

5. Best Pop Solo Performance

Katy Perry Roar 336,266,489
When I Was Your Man Bruno Mars 181,361,668
Royals Lorde  161,269,195
Mirror Justin Timberlake 152,494,436
Brave Sara Bareilles 15,600,771

6. Best Music Video

Can't Hold Us Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton 179,143,750
Safe and Sound Capital Cities 64,117,085 (History of Dance)
Suit and Tie Justin Timberlake featuring Jay Z 61,148,366
Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film Jay Z 4,052,363 (Marina Abramovic, the famed performer from The Museum of Modern Art "The Artist is Present" exhibit appears in the video, Google her and check out that exhibit, I think it is on YouTube too. A whole new meaning to a staring contest)
I'm Shakin Jack White 2,304,744

7. Best Rock Performance

Radioactive Imagine Dragons 125,030,236
The Stars are Out Tonight David Bowie 5,966,072
Kashmir Led Zeppelin 4,261,450
My God Is The Sun Queen of the Stone Age 2,313,764
I'm Shakin Jack White 2,304,661
Always Alright Alabama Shakes 1,403,155

8. Best Rock Song

Panic Station Matthew Bellamy (Muse) 4,389,580
God Is Dead Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi nd Ozzy Osbourne, songwriters (Black Sabbath) 4,256,241
Doom and Gloom The Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger and Keith Richards) 3,052,872
Cut Me Some Slack Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear, songwriters (Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, Pat Smear) 1,230,189
Ain't Messin 'Round Gary Clark Jr. 386,298

9. Best Rock Album

Celebration Day Led Zeppelin 1,638,227 (Teaser)
The Next Day David Bowie 1,277,123
...Like Clockwork Queens of the Stone Age 1,130,506
13 Black Sabbath 973,958
Mechanical Bull Kings of Leon 528,044
Psychedelic Pill Neil Young with Crazy Horse 95,392

10. Best Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books and Storytelling)
I went to Amazon and listened to a sample - all talents in their own right.  How can you choose? Curious to see who wins this one.

America Again:Re-becoming The Greatness We Never Weren't Stephen Colbert
Carrie and Me Carol Burnett
Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls David Sedaris
Still Foolin' 'Em Billy Crystal
The Storm King Pete Seeger

Another observation by Granny was a lot of these songs are about "sex".  OH MY! and it made me think about when I was younger, the Catholic Church had a list out of condemned movies and books. Does anyone remember that list?  I am not sure if there were condemned songs but there probably were. My, how things have changed from when I was your age. I think I remember hearing that somewhere before when my parents were saying, TURN THAT DOWN! Of course half the time we never knew what we were singing about, we just thought we were buying the stairway to heaven.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Top 10 Proper Ways To Deal With the Snow

I have always loved "snow days' and the morning after digging out.

If you have a garage and you use it you can skip most of these steps.

1. Leave the shovel and or shovels by the front door. You might have a broom handy too.

2. Does everyone have two shovels?

3. Is one of them terrible? Why do you keep it? Do you have to get out the door first to get the good one? Is that fair in snow wars?

4. Clear the front door and the small porch you have, if you have a big one just clear a path.  Try to get all the way down to concrete or it is going to freeze. Cat liter and salt does work to melt the ice but what a mess when you track it inside. UGH. Of course that mess is easier to clean up then then repercussions from a nasty fall.

5. Make your way to the driveway or street and clear the car.  Do you turn the engine on while you are clearing the car? I do even if I am not going anywhere.  If I am going somewhere it is toasty warm inside by the time I am ready for the road. That is sweet.

6. What about having your windshield wipers stick straight up in the air to prevent them from freezing? Does that really work? Will they freeze up in the air?

7. I approach the side windows first and then the windshield just to see what is under there and to open the door.

8. I then clear the roof and brush snow down to the area I just cleared.  I am not sure why I do this it is just routine. I always wish I had a push broom at this time and this thought reoccurs every time I go through these same motions, again a routine.

9.  Once the roof is cleared and I proceed to clear the sides, windshield and the front of my car, again, I start the harder part digging out and clearing the path so I can drive out of the surrounding snow. FYI your roof should be completely free of any snow or ice before you travel on any roads. It is not that much of an extra effort but it can become a huge safety issue if it blows off your car and hits another car.

10. Recommendations here, if you are not in shape, pace yourself.  I am in shape, ahem, I think until hours after the deed.  You should bend you knees, it is easier on the back and be careful about that twisting motion.

Hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot soup or hot toddy is an acceptable reward.  
Smile and enjoy, it's a snow day!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Top 10 Upcoming End of January Events

January 22 Lecture at Newtown Square Library 7PM.Exploring Normandy and Other American War Memories in France Award-winning travel writer Gary Lee Kraut, a Paris-based specialist on travel and touring in France who grew up in New Jersey,  The library is located at 201 Bishop Hollow Road in Newtown Square.

January 22, 2014 from 7:00 to 8:00 P.M the Delaware County Planning Department is holding a Kick-off meeting for the Strategic Landscapes Preservation Plans for the Brandywine Battlefield. at the Chadds Ford Township building located at 10 Ring Road.

January 23rd Meet General Meade Check the listings at the Middletown Free Library website  "Civil War 150" series additional dates for lectures, discussions and readings through the words of those that lived through it.

January 23-26 Baltimore Boat Show at the Baltimore Convention Center. Summer is coming!

January 25th World Culture Day at Penn Museum celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Horse 11am - 4pm.

January 25 and 26th Chinatown Flower Market at 10th and Vine Streets 10am - 3pm. Vendors will have gifts, candy, lanterns, and flowers available for sale to welcome in the New Year of the Horse.

January 25th Scott Arboretum Highlight Tour 10-11:30pm. Weather permitting on the campus of Swarthmore College.  Swarthmore College celebrates their 150th year in 2014. They also have one of the largest collections of Friends archives in the area at the Friends Historical Library Swarthmore College.

January 26th The 2014 Grammy Awards 8pm on CBS see the nominees list.

January 30th Midnight Lion Dance 11:30pm at 10th and Race Streets in Philadelphia's Chinatown.

January 31 - February 2nd 16th Annual Tattoo Arts Convention at Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Check the website links before you go in the event of a  possible "polar vortex" or snow.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Today National Hug Day

National Hugging Day is an annual unofficial event devised by Rev. Kevin Zaborney in 1986.  The date chosen was because it falls between the holidays and Valentines Day known to be the most depressing time of year. The in between not Valentines.  However, Valentines has been know to throw people into a bit of a slump as well.

Photo credit: Lauren Fiebert

1. Hugs are a feel good for both parties. They are fun to give and fun to receive. Bear hugs are the best!

2. Hugs are free, unless you hug someone who doesn't want to be hugged, that may cost you. Be prudent.

3. Not everyone gives the best hugs, especially if it is out of their comfort zone.  I say, keep doing it until they get the hang of it, practice.   Also read #2 one more time, just in case.

4. A hug is a connection, a bond.

5. It can mean I care, I understand, I will miss you, I missed you, it is great to see you!

6. Every body needs a hug.

7. My parents were not hugging people, so I did not grow up in that environment, but I grew into it. I think I am blaming my Italian friends, however my cousin Jimmy gave the best bear hug I ever had and he was all Irish. His personality lit up the room.  You couldn't wait to hug and be hugged by him.

8. After I started to go away on trips or if my parents were going away on a trip I started hugging them.  It was just something I started, in case they might miss me, I guess. It is never too late to start. I wish I would have hugged my parents sooner and longer. That is my tip and advice to all those who still have the opportunity.

9. It was after 911 that I began distributing more hugs with my family and friends.  My kids were in middle school and I had stopped hugging them regularly. That horrific day was a lesson to all of us. Hug and hug often.

10. You are never too old or too young to get or give a hug. Greeting a friend? Give them a hug especially if you haven't seem them in a long time or if you will not be seeing them for a while.  A hug connects you till next time.

Here is your lead in, it is National Hug Day! 


Warning HUGS may not be covered by your insurance company but they are part of an affordable care act. Hugs are free and the payback is a healthy choice.  

A hug is going to make you and the hugged feel good.

Go for it!

I. O. U's are acceptable.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Top 10 Songs That Remind Me of Martin Luther King Jr. and his Messengers

Abraham, Martin and John  was written by Dick Holler, in tribute to Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., John Kennedy and also Robert Kennedy. The most popular recording was done by Dion.  Holler along with Phil Gernhard also wrote Snoopy vs the Red Baron recorded by the Royal Guardsmen.

Think (Freedom)  written by Ted and Franklin White sung by Aretha Franklin is known to be a powerful "feminist" song. We seldom stop and "think" what the civil rights movement did for women. R E S P E CT is another hot number by this extraordinary female artist. It was written by Otis Redding.  No disrespect to this fine artist and I will try a little tenderness but she nailed it.

Change Is Gonna Come written and performed by singer and songwriter Sam Cooke in 1964. It was released after his death. The songs this man wrote are astounding. At the age of 33, Cooke was fatally shot. Here is a list of his discography on wikipedia.

We Shall Overcome came from a gospel song I'll Overcome Someday written by Charles Tindley, an American Methodist minister and composer (1851-1933), his father was a slave and his mother was free, so he was considered free since a child followed their mothers status. The song was first published as We Shall Overcome by Pete Seeger in 1947. He learned of the song from Zilphia Horton, a civil rights activist born in Arkansas of Spanish and Indian heritage. Bruce Springsteen does a great cover.

People Got To Be Free was written by Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati members of The Rascals and featuring a lead vocal from Cavaliere.

Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder The Happy Birthday Song  written by Wonder was campaigning for the establishment of a national holiday in memory of the Rev. Martin Luther King. In 1986, through the efforts and exposure by Stevie Wonder, President  Ronald Reagan introduced into U.S. law a holiday for King.

If I Can Dream (1968) written by Walter Earl Brown and sung by Elvis. A King tribute from The King, Elvis Presley.

Everyday People  I am no better and neither are you. We are all the same whatever we do.....Stand was also a song with a powerful message written by Sly Stone. Sly and the Family Stone was the first major interrogated rock band. I saw them in concert at the Convention Center in Wildwood, New Jersey many years ago in the 70's.

Freedom was an improvised song by Richie Havens at Woodstock from the old gospel hit Sometimes I Feel Like  "Motherless Child". Havens was the first performer scheduled to play 40 minutes. Due to traffic conditions he was asked to play for an extended period.  Three hours into his performance he ran put of songs and out came Freedom.

Glory Glory (When I Lay My Burden Down) Odetta. There is a fabulous interview with Odetta at this link on the website.  You can find a lot of her work on YouTube.  She was a wise and talented woman. In 1964, Martin Luther King Jr. called Odetta "The Queen of American Folk Music." She was on stage for the March on Washington.  "Freedom Trilogy": "I'm on My Way", "Come and Go with Me" and "Oh Freedom" were all big songs sung from her heart.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Top 10 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Events

January 20th, 2014 is MLK Day of Service

President Ronald Reagan signed into law on November 2, 1983, a bill creating a federal holiday to honor Dr. King. The first observance was January 20th, 1986. Dr. King's birth date is January 15.

1. January 17th at 7PM 36 members of the Chester Children's Chorus will  be performing at historic Calvary Baptist Church in Chester to celebrate the Dr. Martin Luther King Legacy.

2. On January 18th thru January 20th the Eastern Penitentiary in Philadelphia is featuring special readings from the landmark text, “Letter from Birmingham Jail”special times throughout the day.

3. On January 18-20, 2014, 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. a Junior Ranger program will be held for kids at the
Martin Luther Ling Jr. Memorial in Washington, D. C.

4. January 19th James Meredith, the University of Mississippi's first black student will speak at Media Presbyterian Church in Media. This event sponsored by the Media Fellowship House will also include local musical guests and begins at 3:45pm.

5. January 20th between 8AM and 9AM the National Park Service will host a wreath laying service at the Martin Luther Ling Jr. Memorial in Washington, D. C.

6. On January 19th The National Cathedral in Washington D. C. will be offering a Symphony of Brotherhood and a live webcast of their annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. event on January 20th, Building the Peaceable Kingdom.

7. January 20th the Franklin Institute will show the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" speech at the top of the hour at the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial and participate in the science scavenger hunt of scientific breakthroughs made by famous African Americans and you can make a dreamcatcher.

8. January 20th At the African American Museum in Philadelphia 11am - 5PM Schedule of Events

9. January 20th Girard College Chapel will host the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

10. January 20th "Hoops from the Heart" a MLK Day of Service initiative started in 2002 will be held at Cabrini College in Radnor, Haverford College in Haverford, Neumann University in Aston, Widener University in Chester and Springfield High School from 9AM - Noon.  Click on the Chester City Blog for more information links.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Top 10 Anniversaries Upcoming 2014

This year marks the 225th Anniversary of  Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Get to know your history and historical societies. We have a lot of history right here in our back yards.

The Panama Canal officially opened 100 Years ago on August 15th 1914. The American Society of Engineers has named the Panama Canal one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Go to their website to see the others on the list.

World War I started 100 Years ago on July 28th 1914. The trigger to ignite the fighting was the assassination of assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary,

 The Beatles arrived in America on February 7th 1964. It was a much greater response to the British are coming. Their first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show was February 9th, 50 years ago. If you are a baby boomer chances are you watched the (shoe) remember how Ed Sullivan announced, we have a really good shoe (show) for you. Sometimes being older has its perks and great memories. ITunes has a special coming out January 21st All U.S. released Beatles Albums for $119.00 I am tempted.  I also read a rumor that they are trying to get Paul and Ringo to perform at the Ed Sullivan Theater this year on February 7th on Late Night with David Letterman. There are no conformations yet. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will be performing at the Grammy Awards on January 26th. There will also be a special tribute to the Fab Four with various artists performing their songs.

On July 1st the Cape May Lewes Ferry with celebrate its 50th Anniversary on January 8th, it registered its 43 millionth passenger according to the Delaware River and Bay Authority website.

July 1st the Civil Rights Act 1964 was signed by President Lyndon Johnson. This year is the 50th Anniversary.

The 8 track cartridge was invented in 1964. I don't recall how this happened but I used to sit in my older brother's car and listen to James Gang on 8 track.  Little sisters usually did not have that kind of permission in my my house. I loved the songs Rocky Mountain Way and Walk Away. Found them on YouTube! Still love em!

The Moog synthesizer was introduced by Dr. Robert Moog in 1964.

50 Years April 1964, the first Ford Mustang roll off the assembly line.  The sixth generation of the Ford Mustang is scheduled to be in the showroom November 2014. Watch YouTube Jay Leno's Garage with Lee Iaccoca to get a peek at the new one. There is a nice history of the Mustang here but also a glimpse of one of the greatest American heroes in automotive history, Mr. Lee Iaccoca.

Anyone married in 1964? Congratulations you are golden.

There is only 1 Friday the 13th in 2014.  That is celebration enough right there.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Top 10 January is For Foodies Month

Fiber Focus Month Read about the USDA's recommendations on "roughing it" and fiber rich foods.
Coffee Gourmet Month (International) The U. S. ranks 25th among other countries for coffee consumption. Brazil and Vietnam are the top producers.  Here is a partial list of coffee companies from wikipedia and here is a list of coffeehouse chains.  I have never been but I like the name of and can relate to the name Jittery Joe's in Georgia.

Diet Month, Fat-Free Living Month, Lose Weight  It is no wonder these "observances" are coming up
after the holidays. Do what you can and save a little room for next month, it is "chocolate lovers month". I am dreaming about it!
Oatmeal Month (US National) Oatmeal makes an excellent and popular breakfast meal that sticks to your inners for several hours with its complex carbs and fiber adds benefits to your health. You can be healthy as a house.

Prune Breakfast Month Prunes are a super food. doesn't every one want to be supper.  According to the Sunsweet website, prunes are good for healthy bones, potassium found in prunes can prevent hypertension and stroke, and may also contribute to fiber, blood sugar control and regularity benefits.

Tea Month (US National) -  Hot Tea Month The U.S. ranks 69th on the list of tea consumers. Turkey is the top tea drinker.

Soup Month (US National)
A cold day and bowl of soup are natural companions and every one know chicken soup is good for the soul and the first thing you want when you have a cold. Homemade vegetable soup allows you to be creative when cleaning out the fridge.  Most vegetables get along, you just need a base and spices to make a good batch.

Retail Bakers Month UGH nothing personal against these people, I am a number one fan but January again? I think they cornered the market with pies, cakes, cookies, cupcakes and filled with cream last month. I am trying to abstain a little this month but lent is next month so maybe I can be persuaded. Any sales out there?  Day old works for me. I am also budgeting this month.

Bread Machine Making Month and Wheat Bread Month If you received a bread machine for Christmas I am sure you are busy with this operation.  Who doesn't love bread?

January is Slow Cooker Month You can find so many recipes online and usually good discounted prices on crock pots after the holidays. My favorite recipes, chili, meatballs, pulled pork and roast beef.  Such a delight to throw it in the pot in the morning and come home in the evening to the aroma of somebody has been cooking all day. Love that lady!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top 10 January Upcoming Week Things To Do

Now through March 2nd Linvilla Orchards is featuring the Ultimate Recycled Maze of Christmas Trees. They also have the Indoor 18 Hole Mini Golf open.

January 14 Radnor Memorial Library Ronald J. Kule author Chef Tell: The Biography of America's Pioneer TV Chef at 7:30 (Snow Date January 15th) co-sponsored by RHS and the Library.

January 15 Smoke Free Smoking Cessation Program at Riddle Hospital Call 484 227 3733 for more information on Six-Sessions.

January 15 Newtown Square Historical Society presents Jim McClory's TV Music and memorabilia from the 40's 50's and 60's at Dunwoody Auditorium 8pm. Free admission.
January 16-19 at Off Broad Street Theatre in Philadelphia Up from the Ashes superbly written by Kate McGrath featuring Isa St. Clair on Sansom St. in Philadelphia.  It is a true story of the catastrophic Triangle Shirtwaist Fire that took place in NYC in 1911. This event was the largest loss of life from one single event in NYC until the 911 tragedy. The story speaks to equal rights and equal pay for women and to workplace safety and parallels how many of the victims jumped to their death similar to September 11th.

January 16, 17, 18 and 19th and 23, 24 and 25 Arms and the Man at Players Club of Swarthmore featuring John Harvey.

Two dates only: January 17 and 18, Friday and Saturday, 5:30 Special Benjamin Franklin Tippler’s Tour.  It's Ben's Birthday.

January 18th  4- 7PM, W. Gary Smith author of , From Art to Landscape:Unleashing Creativity in Design, will speak at Scott Arboretum, Science Center Room 101 on the campus of Swarthmore College.

January 18-20 and 24-26 Philadelphia Home Show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center

Center City Philadelphia District Restaurant Week returns January 19-24 and 26-31, 2014! Make those reservations.

If you plan on going to these events always check links for possible date and time changes.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Top 10 Quality of Life

1. I just had this international conversation with my Aussie cousin. Get a living will and get a will to live.

2. What is that perfect age when life is just great? Every stage of life has its good points and bad.

3. Truth is not one of us know who, what, where or when something is lurking around the corner.

4. You make the best with what you have on hand, just check those expiration dates.

5. Eat the proper foods. Why don't the proper foods taste as good as the improper foods? Eat right and exercise, to work off the wrong foods?

6. Have we soured so much that we require that dose of sugar just to make life sweet?

7. Have a drink but you might want to filter it or get it tested first.

8. Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of the announcement from the Surgeon General that smoking causes lung cancer.

9. Get proper sleep to ensure you are not sleeping on the job and or on the road.  It is also a stress reducer. If you have a problem sleep on it.  Things always look better in the light of day.  If not roll over and go back to sleep. That is actually not recommended.  Get up and cope with the problem and seek help if you are in over your head.

10. The key seems to be attitude and it better be a good one, because if it isn't that when the quality starts to go downhill.

Don't worry be happy is a tough place to get to but I admire those that have arrived, alive.

You can click on this link to see the CDC recommendations for physical activity.  Get moving it is your quality of life.  We could all use an upgrade.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Top 10 Songs for Peculiar People Day

People Are Strange The Doors

I Never Thought It Peculiar The Monkees

Peculiar Situation the Hollies

Most Peculiar Man Simon and Garfunkel

Space Oddity (floating in the most peculiar way) David Bowie

The Stranger Billy Joel

Peculiar Situation Earl Klugh

My Peculiar Way Willie Nelson

Life is so Peculiar Frank Sinatra

Ain't That Peculiar Marvin Gaye
Funny thing about this song, it is hard to sit still and listen.  You have to at the very least snap your fingers.Watch the YouTube link to this song, I bet you will start snapping your fingers too. Ain't that peculiar?

People are strange and peculiar because they are different.  We all have had our peculiar days.

Happy Peculiar!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Top 10 Decorations Time to Go...

or can they stay?

1. Christmas Trees after little Christmas on January 6th should go.  Try to recycle it if you can and put the artificial ones in a dust proof container in storage, the garage or attic will do.  Its a tree it can take the weather.

2. The manger should also be put away after the Epiphany and it is a good place to keep those Christmas cards. Bet you didn't know St. Francis of Assisi is credited with the first manger display.  Placing the cards inside the manger with intended prayers for the card senders came from some where in my travels and I like the tradition. If you need extra prayers send me a card next year. I'll see what I can do.

3. Snowmen can stay.  They are seasonal even the blow up ones.

4. Penguins?  I can't for the life of me understand how they became part of the holiday season decorations but now I so get it.  Anyone who has a penguin is much advanced.  When in does cancel out "what happens in Alaska stays in Alaska though".

5. Moose decorations can stay.  Who has moose decorations? Well I just so happen to.  He was one of those things that has those beaded things inside that you can put in the microwave and wrap the moose around your shoulders for a nice cozy warm time. The beaded stuff burst years ago but I have a fondness for the moose.  He makes a debut every winter and I enjoy his company.

6.  Things that are red including clothing, candles, ribbons, bows and most assuredly anything heart shaped can stay well into February.  I can feel the love.

7. Green lights should remain off, maybe you can tearfully display them on Super Bowl Sunday, this applies to outdoor lights only.  What you do behind closed doors with your green lights is still sacred.  No one will judge you.  We feel your pain. They will work for March Madness and St. Patty's Day too!  Keep your chin up.

8. Dickens Village lighted houses can stay as long as it is not the Santa Village.

9.  All Santa depictions should have been gone by the New Year, along with all the cookies but don't let that stop you from saving a prominent spot for him again next year. Don't be naughty, be nice.

10. The wreath on the door can go either way.  You can always change the ribbon and use it throughout the year, especially if it is a grapevine wreath.

Special dispensation due to the weather if these tasks have not been completed yet.  It is going to be a balmy 50 degrees over the weekend and rain may hinder your well intended plans.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Top 10 Resolutions for 2014

1. Lose weight

2. Think Better of Yourself

3. Manage stress

4. Volunteer

5. Stop Smoking

6. Start Exercising

7. Get Organized

8. Downsize - clear clutter

9. Spend less and pay down debt

10. Learn something new

Resolutions are suppose to solve problems. You got a problem? Most resolutions aren't that simple but it never hurts to try. Sticking with it is the challenge.

Good luck and wishing every one a fresh start to a 
Happy and Healthy New Year!

The BIG Ones

Be Happy and Healthy!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top 10 January Awareness 2014

Blood Donor Month visit the American Red Cross website for more information and to find a donation location near you. Clara Barton established the American Red Cross in Washington, D. C in 1881

Birth Defects Prevention Month The March of Dimes non-profit organization was founded by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt January 3rd, 1938 to combat polio. The main focus of the organization now is to educate mothers and try to prevent birth defects and premature births and infant mortality.

Cervical Health Awareness For a limited time only you can download a free fact sheet on Ten Things You Need to Know About HPV at NCCC website

Eye Health Care Month That little squint should be telling you something. Blurred vision is an obstacle and should be addressed. Dollar store glasses only go so far, have your eyes checked by a doctor.

National Radon Action Month , you can read more in the Citizen's Guide to Radon at the EPA's website.

Poverty in America Awareness Month found a very sobering website on the status of poverty in the United States. The numbers are staggering. You can also view the numbers at

Thyroid Disease Awareness Month Get Neck Check info at

National Mentoring Month Volunteering anywhere has its own special rewards, being a mentor has to qualify near the top of the list.  Check the website for opportunities near you.

National Personal Self Defense Awareness Month #1 in my opinion is Know Your Surroundings and Pay Attention. Plugging up your ears is almost the same as closing your eyes.

National Stalking Awareness Month "Take the Stalking Quiz". OK, I will give you the first one 6.6 million people are stalked each year. What does that mean? In a way you are probably being stalked if you take the quiz but there are "different" forms or "definitions" of stalking. The creepiest thing I found was over the holiday I ordered an item online and the next day it was being promoted on my homepage. It is no secret how much we are tracked but is it right?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why We Celebrate Bummer for the Birds!

1. Sunday January 5th was National Bird Day.

Golden Finch

2. The Philadelphia Eagles played the New Orleans Saints on a sadder day, January 4th.


3. The weather was not a factor but it was cold. It was in the twenties.

Jumpin Junco

4. Traffic was heavy on the highway headed to the stadium and the supermarket.
Male Cardinal

Female Cardinal

5. Stores were packed with people prepping for "the game". Excitement was in the air.

House Finch "all redheads"

6.  Even though emotionally every one was calling last week's game against Dallas, the Superbowl we went in invincible. I kept in text contact with my friend who lives in Dallas but grew up in Broomall. Who was she rooting for?  Every one knows you can't take the Philly out of the fan.

Red bellied Woodpecker aka a Big Bird

7. For many fans in Philadelphia, football is a religion.  We preach about it after the game and we tune in whether we are die hard fans or just "yo" Philadelphia people.  You gotta believe.


8. It must have been a cold and sobering ride home. The team that started out in last place won the division.  Who would have thunk it? Let's congratulate Chip Kelly for that. One step at a time.

Mourning Dove

9. Sports in Philadelphia is a roller coaster ride. It can rival a Denver "high" naturally but oh the cold hard truth.  Football is over in this city for the season.

Downy Woodpecker

10.  If only we could have played a day later on National Bird Day!


I have started my 2014 Bird Count.  I am going by types of bird not volume or scores.  If you are interested, I have pictures of the 10 I have seen so far this year.  I feel it is going to be a big year.  Philadelphia Eagles?  We will get them next time boys. How would we have possibly handled "no tailgating" at the Superbowl?

Monday Morning quarterback Fiebert with wings.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Top 10 Things to Do if You Are Stuck Inside Due to Snow

1. Don't Panic

2. This too shall pass.

3. Enjoy it while it lasts.

4. Be creative with your menu with the food on hand.

5. When to shovel is always debatable, just pace yourself.

6. Make hot chocolate. 

7. Catch up on your reading.

8. Sit by the window and daydream.

9. You could put those decorations away and clear the path for "game day" or finish up all desserts, just to get them out of the house of course. JUST DON'T MAKE ANYMORE!!! (note to self).

10.  If you don't have to go out don't! If you do, be safe, follow at least one car length behind if not two and DON'T stop when you get to the top of the hill.  It makes us people at the bottom inching up crazy.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Top 10 Show of Hands - Glad its over

the holidays 


over drinking

over spending

over extending

over thinking

over load

over cooking

doing it all (overkill)

confusion of what day it is (overwhelmed)

I am not a fan of kicking the tree to the curb, it looks so lonesome to me but a time comes to give it a rest about much to do about the wrong things. Maybe it was just an odd year.

Highlight for me, snow on Christmas eve during the service but it was over when the mass had ended.

If anything on this list applies to you, it is okay, you are human and you have 364 more days to improve on it. Resolution ideas are coming up in a future blog. I started one of mine on the 1st of January the same day I am writing this. I prefer to call it a try, rather then a resolution and also part of the journey.

Happy beginnings!

There are no real rules to that.
You can start anywhere.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 10 Upcoming January Events 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

January 1st the 2014 Mummers Parade tune in to PHL17 for an 8AM (pre-game start, some of those back stories are great) or Live Stream over the Internet you can also go into the city of Philadelphia and watch it live. The parade begins at 10AM and continues just about all day till ........ whenever the Mummers stop strumming and strutting on Two Street.

Be a Treecycler put your zip code in at the website to find a location near you. The Streets of Philadelphia are sponsoring Recycle Your Christmas Tree check for locations.

January 4th The Twelfth Day of Christmas at Collen Brook Farm  1-4pm. 

January 4th Winter Bird Count for Kids at Heinz National Wildlife Refuge a  8AM and at 9AM a Bird walk for all ages. Check the January Event calendar for birding more opportunities.

January 4th, (additional dates in February , March and April)  Kids Join the Continental Army  Valley Forge National Park.

January 10-12 , 2014, 29th Annual Motorsports Show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo in Oaks, PA.

January 14 Radnor Memorial Library Ronald J. Kule author Chef Tell: The Biography of America's Pioneer TV Chef at 7:30 (Snow Date January 15th) co-sponsored by RHS and the Library.

 Two dates only: January 17 and 18, Friday and Saturday, 5:30 Special Benjamin Franklin Tippler’s Tour.

Center City Philadelphia District Restaurant Week returns January 19-24 and 26-31, 2014!

January 20th  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.