Monday, November 25, 2013

Top 10 Reasons I Don't Agree with New Holiday Shopping Hours

Traditions should stand up to time!

Thanksgiving is a "national" day off except for emergency personnel or it should be.

Shopping is not an emergency. 

An extra day of shopping means extra spending.

Somebodies turkey will not get cooked.

Dinner will get cold.

Drowsy drivers on the road after all that tryptophan.

The rest will be erratic and all juiced up on caffeine.

Who is going to do the dishes?

We are always rushing time and rarely stop to enjoy the moment. UGH and bah humbug.

Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday. The only thing you have to worry about is the presence of family gathered round your table and to give thanks for that.  Now "they" want to ruin that too.  Time to address "they".  Who makes these decisions anyway? It is certainly not the turkeys?  Or is it? Maybe a little deflection is going on? What are we praising here?  The "Almighty Dollar"?  I say watch your wallet those charge bills turn around pretty quickly. I appreciate a bargain as much as anyone but let them eat pie and enjoy one holiday at a time.

Happy Holidays!

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