Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Top 10 Fairmount Park Gingerbread Houses

1. The bad news is these creative works of art "were" on display at Liberty Place, November 4th through November 22nd.

2.  If you missed that news, you missed the houses.  I missed them last year.  I was thinking they would be on display through the holiday season.  I held that disappointment for a whole year.  Women can do that.

3. The good news is something triggered my memory.  Ah, it was cousin Maureen telling me about the new "Electrical Spectacle" display this year at Franklin Square.

4. I googled "Fairmount House Gingerbread Houses", apparently I am not keeping up on social media, I missed this announcement.

5.  The good news, I search on November 20 and was able to go and see them on November 21st.  They were awesome.

6.  It helps to have a little background to know what these houses look like to begin with.

7.  Cedar Grove is the only one I have not seen before and I did think the carousel was from Franklin Square but that would not be Fairmount Park.

8.  There were reported to be 13 but I only saw 12.  I have my own suspicions as to why this happened.

9.  Have you even attempted to make a gingerbread house on your own?  I believe the strength of the construction lies in the icing.  It has to be like glue.  Patience must also be a contributing factor and creativity plus skill, that just goes without saying. Best tip, use leftover Halloween candy.  It times out just right and chocolate is just not acceptable.  You need something to keep up your strength as your creative juice flow and chocolate works for that.

10.  If you are like me, and you have tried this once, you know it is best to leave this to the professionals but you can always admire from afar. I am not sure why they display these houses so early.  Maybe they auction them off for a good cause, that would be a nice thing to do.  Plan early next year to get down and see these magnificent masterpieces and as a heads up, you can visit some of the real houses, throughout the year as they hold special events. Check out for dates and times during the holiday season. I took the tour last year and highly recommend it.  You can take group tours or individual tours.  I am looking forward to Strawberry Hill and Cedar Grove they were not available last year.

The good news, if you missed the gingerbread display I have pictures go to to see them.

Belmont Mansion created by Chefs Andrea Sonday, Charles Gallagher, and Erica Robinson of Denise’s Bakery 

Cedar Grove created by STARR Restaurant Group 

 Laurel Hill Mansion created by Chef Julie Quay of The Culinary Arts Institute of Montco. Community College 

 Laurel Hill Cemetery created by Chefs Ian and Devon McCrimmon of Danish Bakers 

 Lemon Hill created by Chef Jessica Mogardo of Garces Catering

  Mount Pleasant created by Chef Peter Scarola of R2L 

 Ormiston created by Chef Andrea Histand of Town Crier Bakery 

 Please Touch Museum created by Chef James Rodebaugh of Brûlée Catering

Ryerrs Museum and Library created by Chef Davina Soondrum of Fitler Dining Room and Pub and Kitchen

 Smith Memorial Playground created by Chef Michele of The Art of Bread 

Strawberry Mansion created by Chef James Rodebaugh of Brûlée Catering 

 Woodford Mansion created by Chef Diana Anello of Bredenbeck’s Bakery 

This house is listed in the brochure Thomas Mansion created by Chefs Christine Luby and Marie Whitehead of Drexel University's Center for Hospitality and Sports Management but I did not see it when I was there on November 21st. My only conclusion, someone could not wait any longer it looked too good not to eat and someone did eat it. I wish I would have gotten there earlier.

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