Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Top 10 Horrors of Summer

1. Traffic on the highway, freeway, parkway all jammed up.

2. Everybody is out and about. Patience with people "must" be practiced.

3. No one "should" go through a red light.  It is down right dangerous but if you do "watch out" those cameras are gonna get you.  Better to err on the side of caution, the yellow light.

4. She wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie.... some of us prefer the more classic look.  Can I get an Aloha?

5. Sunburn is not good and every one should know better, yet we always try and tempt fate. Can I get an aloe?

6. Water safety tragedies.  Accidents will happen but life vests and water safety rules (nobody likes rules) are posted there for a reason, YOUR SAFETY. Abide by the rules it increases your odds.

7. You are just about to flip that juicy steak and the grill runs out of fuel. You gotta be kidding me.  I could taste that steak!!

8. Torrential rain on your vacation week. This is not a good beach day! You know to leave the beach during a lightning storm....right?

9. It's too hot, the water is too cold, the sand is burning my feet.  How about dem Eagles?   Quit your complaining. Enjoy the season.

10.  The most increasing absolutely worse thing that can happen in the summer is the abrupt ending.  It is coming on strong and fast.  Catch the wave while you can................................

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