Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Top 10 Ways To Deal With Stress

Deflection (think of something else, anything else).

Don't Over Analyze (What does that mean?  Ask me, I am accused of it constantly, my take most people don't think enough).

One Step At a Time (could possibly involve one step back).

Walk it OFF (at least you are moving forward).

Approach it from a different angle. (Things can look topsy turvy)

Sleep on it but not too long. (rest to ease the mind) Many times things look different in the morning. The light comes on.

Get a grip on reality.  Worse case scenario...is that even possible?

Music in my ears, always helps.  Switch the station if it isn't working for you.

Exercise ( I am not a body builder but have found tremendous release from Pilates and Yoga.) You can run solo with this but I find group participation to strengthen my core and knowing I am not alone.

Meditation can take practice and if you can master mind over matter you are way ahead of the game and things that really don't matter.

My Pilates teacher said something very interesting once about visualization.  If you can't do it at least visualize yourself doing it.  She said it can produce the same results. I would say, another form of positive thinking.  Not every one can climb Mt. Everest but who says you can't strive for it. We all have brains but sometimes fail to use our God given talent. 

Try it with me.
 I Think I Can! I Think I Can!

***Disclaimer this information is not from any scientific study just IMO (in my opinion).  I think I am a regular person and any of these procedures can assist anyone.  If one doesn't work, try another.

I am not immune, things can break me or at least try to but I bring out the tool box and attempt a fix.  Some jobs are bigger than others.

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