Thursday, July 25, 2013

Top 10 Things You Collect At The Beach

1. Seashells

2. Driftwood

3. Pebbles

4. Sea Glass

5. Sand in your shoes, on your towel or blanket, and in your bathing suit

6. Gossip from other beach blankets

7. Peaceful thoughts

8. Friends

9. Miscellaneous treasures often found inside some prized seashell, you should check first, they can smell later when taken out of their natural habitat.

10. All your gear, blanket, chair(s), towel, sunblock, book, surf board, skim board, kayak, paddle ball set plus balls (all of them not gobbled by the sea), frisbee, buckets, shovels, swimmies, swim fins, sunglasses, Nerf football, cooler, umbrella, flip flops aka sandals and of course all your trash.  Unless you are willing to add to the collection of some one else.

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