Monday, July 29, 2013

Top 10 The Puppet Festival (r)Evolution is Coming to Swarthmore College

 The National Festival of Puppeteers of America will be in Delaware County from August 5th thru August 10th with special performances and workshops open to the public.  Here is a sampling of  the featured adult and child appropriate entertainment (see the ratings). Advanced public tickets are available in limited supply and recommended.

1. ADA/AVA and The Silent Shadow Cinema (they are on a double bill- G/PG) Tuesday 8PM location Pearson Hall Theater.

2. Dreams in the Arms of the Binding Lady (PG) Tuesday and Wednesday at 1:30PM, location Troy Dance Lab. SOLD OUT

3. Lunatic Cunning (R) 1:30PM on Thursday and Friday, Troy Dance Studio. SOLD OUT

4. The Struggle for Justice (R) Thursday and Friday at 1:30PM at Frear Ensemble Theater.

5. Beauty Is Embarrassing (PG13) including live talk with Wayne White and DVD signing,
Wednesday 8PM at Pearson Hall.

6. The Dick Myers Project (G) Friday 8PM Pearson Hall Theater.

7. The Joshua Show (G) Saturday at 9AM, Paulson and Company Carpets.

8. The Magic Soup and Other Stories (G) Saturday 9AM Swarthmore United Methodist Church Fellowship Room.

9. The Adventures of A Boy and His Dog (G) Saturday, Swarthmore Boro Town Center at Noon.

10.Celebration of Flight (G) free, outdoors and includes audience participation) is an award winning creation by Heather Henson the show features puppets, kites, and flags both from independent artists as well as the Jim Henson Creature Shop and Guildworks. Saturday afternoon August 10th, 3- 4 PM at Scott Amphitheater. No ticket needed for this event.

"Celebration of Life" Photo provided by Ibex Puppetry

Additional noteworthy shows

Parade! From Town Center to the Swarthmore College Great Lawn at 2PM on Saturday!!!
Films on the lawn 9-10PM Saturday.

For a complete list of all performances, talks, workshops and puppet films
follow the respective links.

Billy the Liar (G) was also a recommendation but unfortunately it looks like it is sold out. Update please call some tickets may be available.

Please double check each link for accurate information (time and location) and possible venue change and 
enjoy the shows!

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