Monday, May 13, 2013

Top 10 Ways To Have A Happy Mother's Day

1. Did You Get Breakfast in Bed? I am not trying to be politically correct but I will wager 1%.

2. If you did 99% had to do those dishes.  Am I correct?

3.  Don't feel so rejected. the majority of us did.

4. A great day for most moms is, no questions asked............

5. Did you wash any socks, iron my shirt?  Are there any clean towels? Did the gremlins make my bed again?

6. Signs of a  perfect mother is one that can hold her tongue.  Are there any?

7. A girl's gotta say what a girl's gotta say as soon as you push that button, it is automatic.  We are just expressive creatures.

8.  Most times we can apologize, if we think we are wrong, since it so rarely happens.

9. There is one very significant and specific connection between a mother and a child.  At times you may not like each others actions or opinions but that initial attachment never goes away.  You only have one mom.

10. I will also wager most moms would never trade their kids for a million bucks even in these hard economic times, you are just too precious to them. Real moms would never engage in any physical entanglements over any dispute their children are involved in BUT we have all thought about kicking some tail when you mess with our bear cubs. The talons have been known to come out and we might hiss just a little but the majority of us can maintain restraint.  It is a special bond.  That's my kid.

Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis and Anna Marie Jarvis are credited for establishing Mother's Day.  Ann Maria created a Mothers Work Group Club to improve health and sanitation conditions. During the civil war her group declared neutrality and administered to sick soldiers both Blue and Gray in West Virginia. Mother's Friendship Day was created after the civil war and celebrated annually with soldiers and their families from both sides until tensions eased and it was no longer needed.

Anna Marie Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in 1907 two year after her death and campaigned to make Mother's Day an annual event. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed May 9th, 1914 the first national Mother's Day.  Ms Jarvis never had any children of her own. She graduated from Augusta Female Seminary, now Mary Baldwin College in 1883 which happens to be just around the corner from the house Woodrow Wilson grew up in Staunton, Virginia. She died in West Chester Pennsylvania and is buried at West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia.

Okay this is a setup but it wasn't planned.  I was just in Staunton, Virginia for about 15 minutes last week. I saw Mary Baldwin College and remarked, I have heard of this college.  I was staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Waynesboro and I had to get back for breakfast so it was a whistle stop tour.  Here are a few pictures of Woodrow Wilson's home, his library and his car. Yet another example how every one is related and I am a typical mother, constantly multi-tasking but I don't mind.

The house President Woodrow Wilson grew up in.
The President's car.
You can see the eagle Presidential seal on the back door, if you squint or take my word for it. 
It is there.

Possibly the President's desk?  It was encased with the car. The museum was not opened yet for verification.

President Woodrow Wilson's library. Read more about Presidential libraries.

Mary Baldwin College is down the hill to the right, the white building is one of the buildings. Woodrow Wilson lived at the top of this steep hill to the left and if the ladies at the college use the Woodrow Wilson library for their studies, I can attest they are in fine physical condition and there is no need for a gym in this town, just walk those hills.  They remind me of the streets of San Francisco.  Sledding and skiing must be a blast in the winter down that hill.

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