Thursday, May 16, 2013

Top 10 Tips For the Graduate's "Parents"

 Just like the kid about to walk across the stage, the day does not come with instructions, but I am sure you will figure it out.  Here are a few points to consider.................

10. You can google "how do I get wrinkles out of a made of recycled plastic graduation gown?"  I steamed my sons for an hour with the shower, nothing, ironed it using a towel between the fabric and the iron and finally I gingerly ironed it, straight up.  The internet says, "don't iron it, you will ruin it".  I took my chances, just proceed with caution. A little wrinkle won't hurt anything either.

9. Book a room well in advance and arrive early into town. A day ahead is best, no worries about construction and or traffic and you can be guided to exactly where you have to go the next day.

8. Eat before you go to graduation. Bring water and snacks, especially if it is hot outside. There are sometimes two graduations  One for the entire school and another for individual specialized degrees.

7. Arrive early to get a good seat. There really are no good seats unless you are invited up on stage.  You will just feel better about yourself if you try.

6. Know where your graduate will be sitting or text them, everyone is doing it and no one is driving. Designate one person so it does not get annoying to the graduate. Some of the kids put pink feathers and sparkles on the top of their caps for easy identification. My son would be unwilling, I am sure but I will ask.

5. Sit at the best vantage point to see your graduate receive their diploma (this is the golden moment). Usually professional pictures are available later for a price.  It is much less than the cost of tuition.

4. Fresh batteries in all cameras and bring extra, you will make a new friend and possibly save a marriage.

3. Don't sweet the small stuff, hold out for the big moment. (see number 5).

2. Be kind and courteous to all around you.  You are all sharing the same emotions and a very special moment in time.

1. Be Proud and have a planned meeting spot after the ceremony and don't move!  It is exciting chaos. If at all possible have flowers from the ladies and balloons for the men.  Real men can accept balloons.  You might have to carry them.

Congratulations to all graduates and parents this year. 

 I have had double the pleasure this year.

Congratulations to David and Lauren. I cannot call them children anymore, they have graduated.

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