Thursday, April 4, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Gain Without Even Trying

Let me count the ways and where do I begin?

1.  Let's start with "maybe" every one's favorite non committal holiday.  All you have to do is eat.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Turkey, mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, biscuits, stuffing, corn, carrots, peas, green beans, lima beans, broccoli all smothered in butter.  Dessert?  Yes, please.  Any more wine left?

2. You are just recovering and it is time to make the cookies, cakes and pies and then there is the main course.  Whether it is seven fishes or seven other dishes it is typically followed by several desserts that balance out and bring to conclusion the seven courses. Happy Holidays!

3. January is typically an awakening month when you look back and realize, "what have I done?" and you make amends with resolutions not to ever do that again.  When is the Superbowl?

4. February is Chocolate Lovers fantasy month. Well, you can slip it in the basket any time but.... Supermarkets won't let you forget.  They have it right up front at the checkout. Half off?  Leftovers? I am going to need four of those then. One for the ride home, one as a reward for putting away the groceries and perhaps a nightcap.  Tomorrow after all is another day, save one. It will be something to get outta bed for.

5. Its March and maybe you have OD ed on chocolate so you may wonder in another direction. Cabbage is good as well as many other green veggie thingees but you are going to have to watch out for those party invites.  Beer in any color can add girth to the belly and now you are the barrel of beer on the wall.

6. April brings yet another celebratory meal whether it is Passover or Easter maybe not turkey but maybe, along with ham and lamb.  Where I myself have never tried matzo ball soup, it looks healthy, I have never turned down Jewish Apple Cake. Has the bunny been by? Love it!

7. May-June bring it on, boot camp time. You gave up chocolate, carbs and anything else that has ex-tented calories and you should be well on your way to bikini land.  Step away from the scale it is discouraging and take it outside. Walk away that weight, keep active and play keep away from all those dastardly items that got you into this predicament.  We all know who they are no sense in denying. Get lost and wander into the refrigerator?  Grab fruit, water or a yogurt and quickly remove yourself from the kitchen.  You have a goal, exposing more skin and as we all know less is more.

8. July and August consists of a lot of barbecues and carefree attitudes. Leave yourself a little wiggle room.

9. October is a very scary month due to all the candy that is lurking in the house.

10. Lo and behold, we are back to Thanksgiving and the vicious cycle begins again.

....and if you know what is good for you, step away from the Easter Basket! Grab a carrot instead.

This my friend is Spring Challenge Time. Stay Alert!

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