Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top 10 Threats that "Used" to Work

1. I am Counting to 10.

2. Why I Oughta.

3.  Three........Two....................Two and a half??...................and One.  You better run.

4. I can wipe that smile right off your face.

5. Your face is going to freeze like that.

6. Step on the cracks break your mothers back.  Nobody wanted THAT responsibility.

7. You are grounded!

8. You want to go to bed early?

9. You are going to get it.

10.  I'm telling your mom. Nuff said.Wait till your father gets home.

You break it, you bought it!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Top 10 Cures for Cabin Fever - Get Out

1. Monday April 29th The Grand Design: Union and Confederate General Hospitals presented by Middleton Township Historical Society speaker, Lesley M. Wood, Historian. Lectures begin at 7:30PM at Lima Estates, Media PA.  Free and open to the public. mthsdelco.org.

2. Tuesday, April 30th, 7 p. m. at the Rachel Kohl Library, Nancy V. Webster will speak on William Penn a 21st Century Man, sponsored by Concord Township Historical Society and Bethel Township Preservation Society. Donations welcomed.

3. Wednesday May 1st Irv Slifkin author of Filmadelphia, Ridley Township Library register at reference@ridleylibrary.org.

4. Saturday May 4th Delaware County 4H Spring Fair and Open House 10 - 2 PM, Newtown Square, PA.

5. Saturday, May 4th The Providence Garden Club presents the 65th Annual Plant Sale 9am - 2pm at Restall Sports Center, Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades.

6. Thursday May 9th Spin Doctors and James Maddock World Cafe.

7. Saturday May 11 Middletown Community Day 11 - 3 pm at Penn State Brandywine Campus.

8. Saturday May 11th Delaware County Veterans Memorial in Newtown Square ribbon cutting 11 - noon.

9. Saturday May 11th International Bird Migratory Day. Take a walk on the wild side at John Heinz Wildlife Refuge.

10. Saturday Saturday, May 11 Noon to 4PM. The Friends of The Caleb Pusey House WELCOME DAY At the Landingford Plantation, 15 Race Street, Upland PA.

Please verify all dates and times at the link, in the event there may be a change.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Top 10 Seed Planters

Who or what plants the best seed?

1. Farmer

2. Educator

3. Scholar

4. Scientist

5. Discovery and exploring

6. Sensationalism

7. Gossip

8. Fear Mongrel

9. Heartbreak

10. Lesson learned

Hatred, we all know breeds contempt, right?  Time to plant healthy seeds.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Top 10 Poems About Life Vincent Tomeo

April is Poetry Month

From Guest Poet Vincent J. Tomeo

1. B/B(Belly Button)

Neglected curly little dimple in a belly
a cord once connected one to one
fed, nurtured, sustained, fostered
Button makes whole
Perfect quality consummated

by Vincent J. Tomeo

* Published in The Write Club, October/November/December, 2002

2. Perna Sphaerula II

 Beneath a bay

Just below the blue water line

Wind blown sand ripples randomly into waves

A fan shaped shell washed by the sea

Into silken skin
Outside hot sun
Deep cold blue water
Under warm skin
Nature’s nectar changes an unwanted guest

Spectrum of colors
Cream rose pink silver blue gold green ebony
Baroque beauties….

by Vincent J. Tomeo

*Latin, Perna a kind of mussel and Sphaerula little sphere

* Published in Poesia, July 2005, One West Mountain Street, Fayetteville, AR 72701

3. Ode To A Sunflower

Corn yellow blazed brilliant bright

Wearing a shy smile
Luring butterflies bees birds
Symphony of life
Wearing a bonnet of seeds
Above all the rest standing out like a lollipop
As children marvel in wonder

You beam with delight
Illuminating the sun's golden light
Setting the fields on fire

by Vincent J. Tomeo

4. Your Smile

Your smile burst forth like opening doors letting in light
Soft warm serene shining
Your face such a delight

It is only fitting we enter the garden
where mellow music is playing
Water cascading down
The wedding cake fountain
Scent of flowers fills the air

There I will steal a kiss and may be something more

by Vincent J. Tomeo
5. Peacock

Oscillated eyes sway
Puissant peacock eyes
Light airy curtsy

Feathered eyes
Jungle emerald green
Turquoise deep blue
Green brown copper gold black
Parade in panache

Retinal delight
Flaunt, flutter
In stately fashion

Asian fan dance
A thousand iridescent eyes
Peep back at me.

by Vincent J. Tomeo

6. Winter’s Flower

You are not correct.
Is this wry wit?
You defy all the rules.

In the coldest month,
The gloomiest part of the year,
You burst out of a bulb,
Like an onion,
Strong, stem, shoot,
From a womb’s case
You rise,
To take your place in the sun.

Free, fragile, fertile flower,

Like the opening night of a
Broadway show,
You are the curtain
announcing the future,
A touch of Spring.

Wonderful thing.
Dressed to dazzle delight

The pollination, propagation,
Presentation nature’s warmth
In the cold of winter.

You stepped forth open minds
To dreams of time to come.

On a bed of ocean stones
Your overture is bright.

You bend bare breast
Beautiful show of bosom bulbs  bloom in full.

Pale, pink, red peeping through
Liquid oozing out.

No ordinary thing,
Born from a pregnant fleshy-scaled bulb,

You are not correct.
Is this wry wit?
You defy all the rules.

You are a stunning sister to Spring.

By Vincent J. Tomeo

7. Spring, A Pastoral Symphony
Come walk in the countryside
As a brook babbles bubbles kisses
The white gray black rocks

Crystal fresh spring water is cascading down a hillside
A mist of cool clean clear water floats

The call of a cuckoo’s echoing sings through the hills
As trees sway to a breeze

Stunning trees blaze in the light by the mid-day sun

Smell of flowers sap pine spices the air
Flowers of white pink red yellow and rose
Peep through the deep dark forest green grass
Like stars at mid-night

As butterflies flutter from bush to bush
And little things scurry all about on a flaming sun lit road

All that is missing is my love.

by Vincent J. Tomeo

8. It Rained On Easter Island

Something there is about the rain on Easter Island

 The clouds marched in like The Grand Army of The Republic
as the skies turned cotton ball blue and gray
to blanket day into early evening

It rained
It poured
on Easter Island
as the Moai turned different colors
and we ran for cover over a hill into an abandoned shelter

Something there is about the rain on Easter Island
It brings life to the Moai like blood flowing through veins

We waited for the sun to come out
as the rain opened our minds to explore our thoughts
and seeds of friendship were planted forever

Something there is about the rain on Easter Island

by Vincent J. Tomeo

Dedicated to Ginny Stewart

9. Wisteria Garden At Giverny  Oil on Canvas, Claude Monet(1919-1920)

 In a tranquil garden
Hush sway of petite purple flowers
Hanging cradled from a vine

A gentle breeze ruffles
A dangled shoulder bough


Random buds bloom
Dazzled by fluorescent beams
Surging from a quiet Sun

When will I ever get my work done?

 by Vincent J. Tomeo

10. At the Manhattan Zoo 03/07/2012 

Elusive spotted snow leopard
stretched and slipped away
into the green pines fir

A Polar bear was hiding
like a sleeping rug under a cool rock
not ready to sit in the sun

Parakeets were color brilliant
as the sun peeped through the forest Atrium
birds bobbed and weaved between the bright light
and the wooded greens

On a boulder sunbathing
a seal rolled over on its back  smelling like sardines

And the people ran back and forth to see the monkeys
who could care less

But I stopped  
waited waited waited 
to see Chocolate the spotted snow leopard poised
Then a stately yawn

by Vincent J. Tomeo




A special thank you to Vincent for his very clear observations about life that we so often overlook.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Top 10 Upcoming Running Events

Thursday April 25 - 27 Penn Relays at Franklin Field. 

Saturday April 27th Cystic Fibrosis Run, Narberth, PA.

Saturday April 27th Haverford Twilight Run at Haverford High School

Saturday April 27th Race Against Violence 8:30am. West Chester, PA.

Sunday April 27th  Rick's Run, Ridley Creek State Park, Media, PA

Sunday April 27th Sandy Sprint 5K All Teal Color Run and Canine Sprint for Ovarian Cancer at the Please Touch Museum.

Sunday April 28th Legs Against Arms Race Philadelphia, PA

Sunday April 28th P A C E Pancreatic Cancer and Cure Awareness, Ridley Creek State Park. Media, PA.

Sunday April 28th Run Wild 5K Save the Orangutan at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Saturday May 4th Hear We Go 5K Run and Walk A.I DuPont Hospital for Children.

Check website links for registration and more information where available.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Top 10 Things to Do This Week

1. Now through April 27th special event as part of the PIFA, The Fly School Circus is offering Daringly High/Trapeze Lessons.
Truly Unique, not many people can fly.

2. Main Line Restaurant Week April 22 -28th three course dinner and lunch menus $20, $30, $40, $50.  
Cook Free Evening - Eats - and someone else will also do the dishes. Win win win.

3. Tuesday April 23rd, Springfield Historical Society presents Ft. Mifflin on the Delaware and slideshow, 7:30 at the Springfield Township Building on Powell Road. Free event.
Educational but will not be tested or graded.

4. Tuesday April 23rd, EATS Philly 2013 at 600 N Broad Street benefits Two Kitchens/Two Countries: the Wat Bodd Voraditth Orphanage in Thailand’s Angthong Province and Children’s Village, a nationally accredited early learning program, located near Philadelphia’s Chinatown.
Cook Free Evening - Eats - Good Cause.

5. Wednesday April 24th RSVP Spring Antique Road Show at Schoolhouse Senior Center
4:30 -6:30pm, Folsom, PA. RSVP 610-565-5563 for a spot in line. One item $10. two items $15 and three items $15. Appraisals only.
Treasures in the Attic?

6. Broomall Fire Company Carnival. April 26, 27 and 28th and May 3, 4 and 5th.
Fun and Food, the best of both worlds.

7. Saturday April 27th PIFA Street Fair, the conclusion celebration of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts.
Party on Broad Street without the traffic.

8. Saturday April 27th 1:30 -4PM, YMCAs Healthy Kids Day and at all 15 Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA's from 10am to 2pm. Check the location near you to verify specific time.
Fun and Food in a Healthy Enviornment.

9. Saturday, April 27th, Historic Sugartown Day in Malvern, PA 10 - 4 PM rain or shine.
Historical re-enactments and community fun.

10. Saturday April 27, Thomas Leiper House will open for the season tours are Saturday and Sunday from 1 - 4PM and also Sunday April 28th 12 to 4 Opening Day! 1696 Thomas Massey House. Open hearth cooking, blacksmithing, house tours, display and discussion of colonial money, Marple Township Artists and their work. Educational but will not be tested or graded.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Top 10 Earth Friendly Things You Can Do

1. Reduce, we all carry too much baggage.  Wouldn't it be nice to let some of it go?

2. Renew and reinvent or pass it on to some one who can use  it.

3.Recycling can make a difference.  Check with individual cities and townships for what you can and can not recycle.

4. Plant a Tree in a National Forest.  Trivia Question:  What is the difference between a National Park and a National Forest?

5. Limit or do not use harmful pesticides.

6. Join Freecycle.org

7. Plant a garden (start small with herbs).

8. Buy Local Fruits and Vegetables.

9. Participate in the Take Back Drugs Initiative April 27th 10 - 2 PM.

10. Have a candle lit dinner.

  Be earth friendly.

 What is the one thing you can do today to make a difference?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Birds in your backyard

If you have followed my saga and blog on the birdfeeder, you will recall feeding the birds has not been an exclusive "easy" task but I have made progress.

My little Chickadee, actually there are several little chickadees but they were the first constant at my feeder once we were able to hold the squirrels at bay from devouring all the seed in 10 minutes. From what I have observed they are the nervous or very cautious type.  They dart in, first to the tree branch and survey the area.  They remind me of the secret service looking all around the crowd for trouble. Once at the feeder they grab a seed and eat back on the branch.  Initially I had chickadees a plenty maybe six or so but now numbers seem to be dwindling.  I have seen two at the most at the same time recently.

Turfted Titmouse seems to be closely associated with the chickadee, they hang together on the branches and at the birdfeeder.  I have seen two at the most of this bird.  It is also a quick feed, in and out.

Junco's initially were what I call bottom feeders and are now my greatest in number 5-6 juncos swoop in at a time and there is one of them that has one leg.  We call him Ahab. Ahab is a frequent visitor and a bottom feeder.  I think he would struggle to hold on to the bird feeder and eat.  He does fine hopping around on the deck.

Finch frenzy, as I call it, typically consists of two yellow finches eating together at the feeder for it seems like hours and no one else is getting in there during there scheduled reservation slot.  They can put away some food and still hold that trim figure. No eating like a bird for them.  I just wonder where they put it.

Nuthatch is what I call one of my extra ordinary birds.  Without a doubt, he or she is different from all the other birds and quick.  I am not sure if it is a regular at my restaurant or not but I don't see this bird everyday, so it is a treat for me when I do.

House finch was identified by me incorrectly at first. I thought I had a siskin here.  This house finch and what I now believe is also a house finch below are a definite team.  I also think they are independent contractors for the squirrels and all the bottom feeders.  They also bogart the feeder and make a mess when they eat spilling the feed all over the place much to the delight of the bottom feeders, juncos, cardinals and mourning doves.  Lately the red headed finch has been freaking me out. Even though he is a little guy/gal, I see dinosaur like no other in this bird.


This chickadee orange breast is what I think it is, is another extra ordinary one.  I don't see it often but when I do, I get excited.  Always the unusual sparks our attention more then the regular visitor.

Woodpecker at first had me miffed because it really doesn't look anything like the Woody Woodpecker cartoon I grew up with but every bird book and every google search I do, I can't deny that this is a woodpecker.  Now if it is a hairy one or I downy, I couldn't tell you but I know I have at least two in my backyard, one has red on the top of his head and the other does not. Believe it or not woodpeckers are common in this area but to me it is still special every time I see one.  It must be the Looney Tunes in my past.

No red on this head and compare the size in the following woodpecker picture.

This guy/gal without a doubt has won the title of BIG BIRD this week.  I call him Woodpecker on steroids.  Its a big one for my little feeder. I think it is magnificent!

Northern Cardinal Adult Female

Northern Cardinal Adult Male

White Throated Sparrow looks like a baby owl to me but it is much too small to be. He's got the look, without a doubt.

and still suffering from an identify crisis is the squirrel.

As the season changes I am starting to notice different birds.  These are the winter birds and squirrel.

Sources: All About Birds (a thorough website with sights and sounds)
The Birdfeeder (A Christmas present from my sister-in-law, Linda).
The Sibley Guide to Birds (a Christmas present from my son, David)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Top 10 Days To Get Curious

Philadelphia Science Festival runs from April 18 - 28th

1. April 18 Science Carnival After Dark PSF Kick off Party, Next Fab Studio, Washington Avenue,

2. April 20 Science Carnival on the Parkway 11am to 4 pm between 20th and 22nd on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

3. April 21st 5 Senses Pub Crawl

4. April 25th Science Day at the Ballpark Philadelphia Phillies verses Pittsburgh Pirates  and science exhibits at 11 AM.

5. April 25th This Is Your Brain on Meditation:  The Benefits of Mindfulness 6PM at Franklin Square

6. April 26th Astronomy Night Various Times and Locations last year I went to Heinz Wildlife Refuge the telescope was set up to view 3 planets and there was a frog croaking walk. Click for a location near you and look up!

7. April 27th The Morgue the Merrier The Science of the Living Dead 6 - 10 pm at Laurel Hill Cemetery.  I have been to two events here and they have never disappointed but in all fairness never at night. This is a Zombie Alert!

8. April 28th Discovery Day Urban Farming at Bartram Gardens 54th and Lindbergh Blvd.11 am - 3 pm.

9. April 28th Discovery Day Science at the Seaport 10 am to 4 pm at the Independence Seaport Museum.

10. April 28th Science for Sinner at Franklin Hall 6 PM the science behind the seven deadly sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride).

There are over 100 events, so many things to be curious about, this is merely a sampling.  Download the full calendar and satisfy your curiosity or save a tree and Like PSF on Facebook and follow the event schedule on Twitter. The Philadelphia Science Festival is on YouTube and check in while you are there. C'mon every one is curious!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Top 10 Upcoming April Events

Wednesday, April 17th at 7 pm Schoolhouse Center, Folsom, PA, presents Keith Lockhart, "A Pictorial History of Delaware County". Donations for this presentation can be made at the door. Please reserve your space. Call 610-237-8100.

Wednesday, April 17th, 7 pm Cumberland Cemetery located in Middletown  will be the topic of discussion at Penn State Brandywine, Media, PA. For more information, please contact Eileen Fresta, efresta@psu.edu or 610-399-8932. The presentation will be held in the Tomeszko Building across from the cemetery.

Wednesday, April 17th,  The Plight of Newtown Square civilians during the Revolutionary War, speaker, Delaware County Historian, Nancy Webster. This event is presented by the Newtown Square Historical Society at the Dunwoody Village Auditorium in Newtown Square, 8 pm.

Thursday, April 18th Kick off Party for the Philadelphia Science Festival at Next Five Studio Washington Avenue, Philadelphia.  Check the calendar for all upcoming science events. Philadelphia Science Festival.

April 19 - 21st Sharp Dance Company presents An Aquarian Exposition: A Trip Back to the Original Woodstock part of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts.

Wednesday Free Energy Healing Clinics -7:00 - 9:00 pm.in Media.  More information intuitiveenergy.com

Saturday April 20th 10am to 3pm, Spring Craft Fair held by St. James Alumni Association at the Doghouse 1499 E. 9th Street, Eddystone, PA. Proceeds benefit the Scholarship Fund Vendor Information 610-876-2006.

Sunday April 21, Chichester Meeting House at 611 Meetinghouse Road, Chichester, PA is having an "open house" 12 - 2 p m.  It is one of the oldest Meeting Houses in Delaware County built in 1765.

Sunday April 21st at 1PM ribbon cutting ceremony of the Mickey Vernon Sports History Museum at the Granite Run Mall.

Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival in Philadelphia now through April 26th, still many events to take part in check the calendar at their website.

If you have an interest in any of these events, please check the website link for possible changes in times before you go.