Monday, March 4, 2013

Top 10 March Nutrition Month Join the First Lady Live on Youtube

March is Nutrition Awareness Month, This is also School Breakfast Week.

Join First Lady Michele Obama discussing the submitted questions and the Let's Move initiative on Youtube for a Google Hangout, today March 4th at 11:10 am.

Breakfast is the most important meal for every one.  Here are  few "healthy" suggestions.

1. Oatmeal the combos are endless but a simple sprinkle of cinnamon is divine, combine with one sliced in chunks apple and microwave and you will think you are having apple pie.

2. Eggs  The eggs take a tad longer or so it seems with the prep and clean up so I have those on the weekend.

3. Fruit goes with oatmeal and cereal or a quick grab and go.Favorite fruits, apple banana, strawberries, raspberries, black berries and the superstar blueberries.

4. Yogurt fruit on the bottom is good but if i am making it fruit on the bottom, layer yogurt, granola

5. Granola goes with yogurt or milk and fruit.

6. Nuts a "healthy" fat topping.  I love pecans.

7. Low Fat Milk

8. Cereal whole grain

9. Fruit smoothies are tasty but can lack the fiber of the whole fruit experience.

10. Leftovers are an acceptable meal for breakfast provided it was a healthy selection.

We are all creatures of habit and breakfast is a good habit to have.
These are some of my suggestions, I am not a nutritionist but consider myself a healthy eater.

Let's see what the First Lady is cooking up and suggesting. I believe you need to subscribe to participate and I am not sure the chat will be available after the scheduled time slot.

Check out Choose My Plate, gov for more healthy suggestions.

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