Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Top 10 Ways Your Donation Helps Literacy

Delaware County Literacy Council
Top Ten Ways We Make Every Donation Count
$10 buys ten dry erase makers for our teachers to demonstrate fractions to our math students.
$20 buys a picture dictionary to help our volunteer tutors communicate with adult students who are learning English.
$30 buys a map for English as a Second Language Learners to teach their classmates about their home country.
$40 buys a GED book for an adult to take home and study for their GED test.
$50 buys 30 days of computer use so our students can search for job openings and work with our Career Counselor.
$60 buys a tutor training for a volunteer to learn the best strategies to teach adults.
$70 buys 15 days of phone service so we can respond to any Delaware County adult who is ready to change his life by earning a GED or learning English.
$80 buys a week of heat so our building continues to be a warm, safe place to adults to come together to make their lives better.
$90 buys three phonics books for adults who are just beginning their journeys to earning their GEDs.
$100 buys a scholarship for one our GED graduates to buy books for college.
What will your donation do to improve lives?

This list is compliments of the new Executive Director of DCLC, Kate Hyzer

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