Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top 10 National Public Sleeping Day February 28

Think About It! How many times have you seen some one sleeping in public?

1. Sleeping Beauty, of course is a fairy tale. Ah! but a good nights sleep is a dream.

2. A sleeping child in a stroller, coach or draped over the shoulder of an adult, now that is a sweet scene.

3. A homeless person sleeping in an open space, not always a public bench or a steaming vent, sometimes just on the ground is not so sweet of a scene.  It is sad.

4. Sleeping during a movie in a theater?  Those people should have declined the invitation.

5. Falling asleep during class? You either got too late a start on your homework last night or perhaps have time management issues.

6. Falling asleep behind the wheel is very dangerous pull over that is what the rest stops are for. Falling asleep on the train or bus is equally as dangerous even though you are not in the drivers seat. An airplane you may be safe, if anyone wants to mess with you, they are not going anywhere. There are no quick exits. Just don't snore.  It does draw attention to you. Adrift in the middle of the ocean, covered by canvas clear on down to your toes from the scorching solar rays you may be in a safe area, provided it is pirate free zone.

7. Falling asleep during the last ten minutes of a movie at home.  You probably only missed two minutes but that is all it takes to wrap up and solve the drama, the other eight minutes were all commercials. You didn't miss that much.

8. Falling asleep during a conversation.  Now some people are just plain boring and you must refrain from yawning, it is considered rude but understandable to zone out.  Just be very cautious in the way you answer, if questioned about the conversation. You could pause and say, thought provoking, let me get back to you and hope you never have that conversation AGAIN. (Yawn)

9. Falling asleep on the beach is such an inviting opportunity to just chill out but is it advisable?
Drawbacks: Sunburn, covered in sand by the prankster, briskly awaken by the ebb and flo of the tide,
robbery, I have seen a seagull attempt to steal keys but mostly food, horseflies, you never see them coming.  Maybe that is a godsend but you will wake up with a BIG welt.

10. Falling asleep on the job is another big taboo, literally and figuratively. You may think you are getting away with it but sooner or later, sleep deprivation catches up with you.

I did not make this holiday up, I saw it on the Hallmark Channel website.  The 10 incidents are what came to mind when I saw it. You would think it was a no brainer but that was yesterday's holiday!

Tomorrow March 1st is Dress in Blue Day for Colon Cancer Awareness

If you have been in hibernation, March is just around the corner.
Time to put the spring back in your step.

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