Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Top 10 Modern Inventions

Disclaimer:  I personally did not invent "some" of these inventions but I am going to lay claim to a few.  The "others" you may have seen through recent, I call them viral emails. I don't know where they originated.

Here are the simple yet clever inventions, I might try to use.

1. A jewelry cork board.  Use push pins to loop your necklaces and bracelets.  I don't think I would be sticking the diamond stud earrings into the cork though.  That seems a little unsanitary to stick it in your ear after it was pushed into cork.

2. I don't have a visual on this one but have you ever pulled the string all the way through on the hood of your sweatshirt?  Dang!  I hate when that happens, but I came up with a fairly simple solution and it works.  If you get a straw and feed the lace through a little at a time it works!  Make sure you knot the initial end well or you cold lose it. Tape the end too if it is frayed.

3. Create a library table with books. I just love this idea and the look but I can see snags if you have different size books and I would want to be able to read all the titles. I am just fussy that way.  Could you maintain alphabetical order by title or author?  It looks good but seems complicated to me.

4. This is a clever idea BUT I have been using shoe racks for years.  Every bedroom door has one and so does the bathroom and powder room.  Not one of them has shoes in it.  I organize our winter gloves and hats in one, toiletries in another, hair accessories (shampoo,conditioner, hair spray, hair gel, hair ties, shower caps, brush, comb, hair dryer, straightener). Do you know where I can find a bobbie pin? Yes, I do. This little gadget is limitless in its capabilities.  Every household if not door should own at least one.  It is a collectors item.

5. I once owned a Tupperware container that held pasta.  I think the man of the house tossed it out.  He hates Tupperware and the large cabinet that is needed to house it. A Pringles container works for me. I am going to have to put it on the shopping list. I never use the whole box of pasta and I do try to tuck it in

6. I am not exactly sure what they may have used in this picture but I tried it with negatives.  Not only do I have an exorbinant amount of digital picture files.  I still  have almost all my negatives  So I tried this partially on my front door. I have one of those little side windows that usually is covered by a curtain.I used tape to attach them. I think it is a little dark but it does give an interesting look.  It has been a week now and my husband has not noticed.  Do you think this is a problem? Perhaps he is smart enough not to even ask. (shrug). This is still in review at my front door. (photo 2)

7.  Maybe I am embarrassing at times BUT I reuse plastic bags all the time.  On a rare occasion, I have an overabundance and I will bring them back to the store to recycle.  They can be used as liners for small trash cans, pooper scoopers for law abiding, responsible pet owners, a container to hold donated clothing and also the vessel used for the journey of the give away items. I am sure so many other ideas are out there.  Anyway, where do you keep these bags as they lay in wait fo their next assignment?  I figured it out.

this is not an end of life situation
this is not only unattractive, it can take up a lot of room.

Combine the two and it makes a beautiful combo, they fit perfectly together and they fit in with all the other pricey folks.

8. Picnic pack from a six pack beer carrier. I love this idea, the container not the beer. I actually use the larger boxes as book storage and really good for cooking magazines. I don't need the magazines of course, they are strictly for show. I am an inventive cook.

9. Use a cupcake tray to separate taco ingredient choices. A dozen choices seems like a lot but maybe not so high in number if you are having an ice cream sundae party, cupcake sprinkle varieties anything really if you are looking for a small sampling. Fill em up!

10. I toss the little gadgets that wrap the bread all the time and I get so frustrated with tape that gets stuck on the roll.  I gave this a try.  First, I had to free the stuck tape not an easy fete and then I fastened the gadget.  I don't know the formal name for the thing so it;s gadget.  It doesn't help to peel the tape off if you were thinking that. I would have considered that an ingenious move.  Right now I am working with all materials to see if I can make this a permanent useful item.

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