Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top 10 National Public Sleeping Day February 28

Think About It! How many times have you seen some one sleeping in public?

1. Sleeping Beauty, of course is a fairy tale. Ah! but a good nights sleep is a dream.

2. A sleeping child in a stroller, coach or draped over the shoulder of an adult, now that is a sweet scene.

3. A homeless person sleeping in an open space, not always a public bench or a steaming vent, sometimes just on the ground is not so sweet of a scene.  It is sad.

4. Sleeping during a movie in a theater?  Those people should have declined the invitation.

5. Falling asleep during class? You either got too late a start on your homework last night or perhaps have time management issues.

6. Falling asleep behind the wheel is very dangerous pull over that is what the rest stops are for. Falling asleep on the train or bus is equally as dangerous even though you are not in the drivers seat. An airplane you may be safe, if anyone wants to mess with you, they are not going anywhere. There are no quick exits. Just don't snore.  It does draw attention to you. Adrift in the middle of the ocean, covered by canvas clear on down to your toes from the scorching solar rays you may be in a safe area, provided it is pirate free zone.

7. Falling asleep during the last ten minutes of a movie at home.  You probably only missed two minutes but that is all it takes to wrap up and solve the drama, the other eight minutes were all commercials. You didn't miss that much.

8. Falling asleep during a conversation.  Now some people are just plain boring and you must refrain from yawning, it is considered rude but understandable to zone out.  Just be very cautious in the way you answer, if questioned about the conversation. You could pause and say, thought provoking, let me get back to you and hope you never have that conversation AGAIN. (Yawn)

9. Falling asleep on the beach is such an inviting opportunity to just chill out but is it advisable?
Drawbacks: Sunburn, covered in sand by the prankster, briskly awaken by the ebb and flo of the tide,
robbery, I have seen a seagull attempt to steal keys but mostly food, horseflies, you never see them coming.  Maybe that is a godsend but you will wake up with a BIG welt.

10. Falling asleep on the job is another big taboo, literally and figuratively. You may think you are getting away with it but sooner or later, sleep deprivation catches up with you.

I did not make this holiday up, I saw it on the Hallmark Channel website.  The 10 incidents are what came to mind when I saw it. You would think it was a no brainer but that was yesterday's holiday!

Tomorrow March 1st is Dress in Blue Day for Colon Cancer Awareness

If you have been in hibernation, March is just around the corner.
Time to put the spring back in your step.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Top 10 Modern Inventions

Disclaimer:  I personally did not invent "some" of these inventions but I am going to lay claim to a few.  The "others" you may have seen through recent, I call them viral emails. I don't know where they originated.

Here are the simple yet clever inventions, I might try to use.

1. A jewelry cork board.  Use push pins to loop your necklaces and bracelets.  I don't think I would be sticking the diamond stud earrings into the cork though.  That seems a little unsanitary to stick it in your ear after it was pushed into cork.

2. I don't have a visual on this one but have you ever pulled the string all the way through on the hood of your sweatshirt?  Dang!  I hate when that happens, but I came up with a fairly simple solution and it works.  If you get a straw and feed the lace through a little at a time it works!  Make sure you knot the initial end well or you cold lose it. Tape the end too if it is frayed.

3. Create a library table with books. I just love this idea and the look but I can see snags if you have different size books and I would want to be able to read all the titles. I am just fussy that way.  Could you maintain alphabetical order by title or author?  It looks good but seems complicated to me.

4. This is a clever idea BUT I have been using shoe racks for years.  Every bedroom door has one and so does the bathroom and powder room.  Not one of them has shoes in it.  I organize our winter gloves and hats in one, toiletries in another, hair accessories (shampoo,conditioner, hair spray, hair gel, hair ties, shower caps, brush, comb, hair dryer, straightener). Do you know where I can find a bobbie pin? Yes, I do. This little gadget is limitless in its capabilities.  Every household if not door should own at least one.  It is a collectors item.

5. I once owned a Tupperware container that held pasta.  I think the man of the house tossed it out.  He hates Tupperware and the large cabinet that is needed to house it. A Pringles container works for me. I am going to have to put it on the shopping list. I never use the whole box of pasta and I do try to tuck it in

6. I am not exactly sure what they may have used in this picture but I tried it with negatives.  Not only do I have an exorbinant amount of digital picture files.  I still  have almost all my negatives  So I tried this partially on my front door. I have one of those little side windows that usually is covered by a curtain.I used tape to attach them. I think it is a little dark but it does give an interesting look.  It has been a week now and my husband has not noticed.  Do you think this is a problem? Perhaps he is smart enough not to even ask. (shrug). This is still in review at my front door. (photo 2)

7.  Maybe I am embarrassing at times BUT I reuse plastic bags all the time.  On a rare occasion, I have an overabundance and I will bring them back to the store to recycle.  They can be used as liners for small trash cans, pooper scoopers for law abiding, responsible pet owners, a container to hold donated clothing and also the vessel used for the journey of the give away items. I am sure so many other ideas are out there.  Anyway, where do you keep these bags as they lay in wait fo their next assignment?  I figured it out.

this is not an end of life situation
this is not only unattractive, it can take up a lot of room.

Combine the two and it makes a beautiful combo, they fit perfectly together and they fit in with all the other pricey folks.

8. Picnic pack from a six pack beer carrier. I love this idea, the container not the beer. I actually use the larger boxes as book storage and really good for cooking magazines. I don't need the magazines of course, they are strictly for show. I am an inventive cook.

9. Use a cupcake tray to separate taco ingredient choices. A dozen choices seems like a lot but maybe not so high in number if you are having an ice cream sundae party, cupcake sprinkle varieties anything really if you are looking for a small sampling. Fill em up!

10. I toss the little gadgets that wrap the bread all the time and I get so frustrated with tape that gets stuck on the roll.  I gave this a try.  First, I had to free the stuck tape not an easy fete and then I fastened the gadget.  I don't know the formal name for the thing so it;s gadget.  It doesn't help to peel the tape off if you were thinking that. I would have considered that an ingenious move.  Right now I am working with all materials to see if I can make this a permanent useful item.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top 10 Upcoming Historic Presentations and Events

Tuesday, (Tonight) Feb. 26 Time: 7:30PM The Lazaretto Historic Quarantine Station Tinicum Township Presented by: Bill Moller, Tinicum Township Historical Society at The Marple Christian Church, 475 Lawrence Road, Broomall, PA  More info: 610-353-3644 

Lazaretto Quarantine Station, Tinicum, PA

 Saturday March 23rd, 8:30 - 12:00 Noon  County Council Meeting Room Government Center Building, 201 W. Front Street, Media, PA Organizing Your Collection: What Collection? Speaker Ray Peden, President, Friends of the Caleb Pusey House, Inc., Cataloging Your Collection Brian L. Gomez and Insuring Your Collection. This workshop is for historical societies, historic sites, historical groups, archives, and for anyone else who wants to learn more about managing a collection. To register email to with your name, address, email address and your historical organization affiliation, if applicable or call Jill Hall in planning 610-891-4910

The Schoolhouse Museum located in Upland, Pa. Built in 1849 as a school house by John Price Crozer. Restored by the Friends of Caleb Pusey House, Inc. 1975 and 1976.

Saturday March 23rd Book Displays Open at 11AM, Cocktails Noon, Luncheon 1PM Grand Army of the Republic Civil War Museum and Library Preservation Luncheon. Tickets $40 per person, $75 per couple. Reservations 215-289-6484 or e-mail More information

Saturday March 23rd, 7-11PM Prospect Park Historical Society Beef and Beer BYOB at the Prospect Park Firehouse. All Tickets $25. Proceeds to benefit The Morton Homestead focus. Contact Glen or Patty Schwenke 610-586-4090 for tickets.

Saturday March 30th 11:30AM-2PM Chester High Basketball Fan Fest at the Museum of History of Delaware County, 408 Avenue of the States, Chester, PA. If you're interested in taking part in this event, send a check, payable to the Mickey Vernon Museum, to Jim Vankoski at 14 Morgan Road, Aston, PA 19014. Contact Jim Vankoski 610-909-4919 or

If you plan on attending any of these events always check to verify that the date and time has not changed by calling the numbers, email or websites provided.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Top 10 And the Winner is

Is it the loooooongest show ever......every year? It is 3 hours later on the east coast.

My Picks and the unconventional reason I picked them. Big shoes to fill.

1. Best Picture Les Miserables I saw the play and I didn't understand it. I heard you understand the story after seeing the movie, I have to see it now. I like to understand. Lincoln was very good though and I thought educational in the way politics really work. I am however curious to see all the nominations and the winner is Argo....Big Ben Affleck.

2. Best Actor Bradley Cooper simple because he is HOT! so is Hugh Jackman, Joaquim Phoenix, Denzel Washington, and Daniel Day-Lewis in that order and the winner is Daniel Day-Lewis.

3. Best Actress I loved Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook but I have to recognize the film The Impossible.  It is the story of the tsunami that took so many lives in Thailand. the film is disturbing and upsetting to watch. I can't even imagine it happening but the film gives you a small glimpse at what happened to one family. Naomi Watts plays the mom. The whole family and all the families touched by that diaster deserves not only recognition but prayers. It was an awful tragedy. I really can't understand why it didn't get more nominations when the crowd walked out of this film, they were silent.and the winner is Jennifer Lawrence

4. Best Supporting Actor Tommy Lee Jones.  I liked his character Thaddeus Stevens mostly. and the winner is Christoph Waltz - Djano Unchained

5. Best Supporting Actress Helen Hunt I have been told in the past that I resemble her and have mannerisms like her. It sounds weird and there is nothing vain about it, I don't see it but several people have made the connection to me. I haven't seen the movie but I like her acting and recognize her talent. and the winner is Anne Hathaway.

6. Short Animated Film Maggie Simpson in the Longest Day at Daycare David Silverman
and the winner is Paperman, John Kahrs

7. Short Film Live Action Buzkashi Boys Sam French and Ariel Nasr because of the local connection. and the winner is Curfew Shawn Christensen.

8. Visual Effects Life of Pi Bill Westenhofer, Guillaume Rocheron, Erik-Jan De Boer and Donald R. Elliott. It has nothing to do with the film itself it hs to do with the terrible terrible incident that happened in India to the couple on the bus.  The woman and man both were raped and the woman died from her injuries it was brutal and hedionistic.  What is wrong with people?  The couple were coming home from seeing this movie.  It is a shame to have such a horrible connection.  I saw the trailer and it looks quite good.and the winner is Life of Pi.

9. Makeup and Hairstyling. There were only three nominees and I thought they were funny selections, Hitchcock, Hobbit and Les Miserables. Hitchcock didn't have any hair or very little. The Hobbit's were on an Unepected Journey, I don't think thy had time to stop and get their hair done and people who are miserable mostly are having bad hair days.  It must be for the makeup. and the winner is Les Miserables.

10. And the true winner is Any one who stayed up and watched the awards in it entirety without taking any breaks.  You were the first to know who won and to see the look on the faces of the winner and feel their excitement and listen to their speeches.  Who had the best one? and the winner is

and this is what it looks like without all the red.
and on a normal day without all the people


Boo for the Boob song.
Funny sock puppet Flight skit
James Bond 50 years Wow! Shirley Bassey "Goldfinger"
Les Miserables Cast on Stage Star Studded Performance. It was Chilling!
The Orchestra was down the street at Capitol Records
Presenter Ted with Mark Walhberg, how did they do that?
A tie for sound Zero Dark Thirty and..........Skyfall. Sound Editing
The Von Trapps!  They're Gone!
Anne Hathaway best acceptance speec.
Adele and Paul Epworth won Award for SkyFall
Barbara Streisand memories of Marvin Hamlisch
Nora Jones Best Friend from Ted
Tarantino Peace Out.
Michele Obama speaks about the nominations for Best Picture.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Top 10 Named After Washington

George Washington had many titles President, General, Commander-in chief, Father of Our Country, Founding Father and many places around the country are named for or dedicated to him.

1. The Washington Monument in Washington, D. C. stands tall and majestic. It wasn't supposed to look like that and it was built in stages due to budget cuts during the war, another name for lack of money.Look closely and you can see the different shades and figure out just where phase one stopped. I am glad they worked that out because it is the first thing I look for in the skyline in Washington D.C. and the next is the Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial.  There is just something very special about the line up of these three buildings with the Washington Memorial in the center. As you may remember, an earthquake damaged the structure of the building and repairs are expected to be completed sometime in 2014. Have you ever climbed those stairs?  I was a child when I did and I am not sure I could do it now. There are 897 stairs. That is a lot of cardio.

2. Washington Crossing State Park located in Washington Crossing, PA.  This is the area where Washington crossed into Trenton.  There is a reenactment every year on Christmas Day weather permitting and soldiers prepared. The final decision most likely belongs to the General.

3. Washington Square has two locations that I am aware of one in New York City and one in Philadelphia.  The one in New York has greater notoriety, to my recollection I was there once and I remember the big Washington Arch. If I come across that picture in my collection I will add it.  I also have a request in to any and all New Yorkers if you would like to contribute a photo. However the one in Philadelphia has a deep local history, if you read the signs as you stroll along, briefly visiting there the other day, I learned something new.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington Square, Philadelphia with a statue of George Washington standing in front.

This eternal flame sits in front of the Washington Statue at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
This flame made me curious about other eternal flames in the world.  Here is the list; President Kennedy is the only President that has several flames lit in his name.  The most famous at his grave site in Arlington, was lit by his wife. Check out the others.

This was the new discovery
Bicentennial Moon Tree
Sycamore Planted May 6, 1975
From Seed Carried From The Moon
By Astronaut Stuart A Rosa
On Apollo XVI February 1971
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Forest Service USDA
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Honoring Earth's Green World of Trees

After reading what this tree was or was supposed to be I looked it up. This tree is a clone, an alien clone. Yikes!! We all better keep an eye on that one.  You can also see where there are other moon trees at the link. Sounds like a sci-fi movie to me. Making it as a Moon Tree.

4. The George Washington Bridge in New York was dedicated on October 24, 1931, and opened to traffic the following day. It was originally called the "Hudson River Bridge".

5. Sports Teams: Washington Nationals, Washington Wizards, Washington Redskins and the Washington Capitals are all privileged to carry the Washington name.  I do not have any photographs or memorabilia from any of these teams because I was born and raised in the burbs not far from the city of Philadelphia. It is considered a sacrilege or close to it to cheer for another sport team other than our team. It is acceptable behavior to root for players who were born in this area provided their team does not beat us on our home turf. Then it is considered disappointing. How come we didn't draft that kid?

6. There are 11 colleges and universities named after George Washington. Name the one in Pennsylvania. A hint it is in Washington, PA.

7.  There are 5 Forts named after George Washington. Yes there is a Fort Washington in Pennsylvania. George Washington and the Continental Army were encamped there prior to their march to Valley Forge.

8. Washington Hotel and Theater was located in downtown Chester, PA. Washington was said to have stopped for breakfast in route from Mount Vernon to New York for his inauguration on April 20, 1789.  Sadly, the building no longer exists but with the compliments of the "Keith Lockhart's Postcard Collection" we can see what it once looked like. Washington also stayed there after the Battle of Brandywine and wrote up a report about the skirmish during his visit. You can view a lot more local history and photographs at

9. Washington Headquarters, located in Valley Forge Park, Valley Fore, PA. This is where George Washington and his staff lived for 6 months. That very cold winter. It was actually sleeting the day we were there. I cranked up the heat in my car once we got back into it. A definite advantage over the Continental Army.

Photographer David M. Fiebert

I have been to Valley Forge or driven through it approximately 50 times in my lifetime for various reasons, and I never noticed this statue of George Washington standing out in the field behind his headquarters until Tuesday afternoon when my son and I took a ride up there.  It is a replica of the one that stands in the rotunda of the Virginia capitol building.

French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon traveled to Mount Vernon for two weeks, taking detailed measurements of Washington and casting the life mask used to create this statue.  Members of his family thought this to be the most realistic depiction ever made of him. If you want to see what the man really looked like, he's standing in Valley Forge right now just waiting to greet you.

10. Washington Memorial Chapel, Valley Forge, PA is located in Valley Forge Park but it is not owned and operated or funded by the National Park System.  It is a fully operational Episcopal Church dedicated to the honor of George Washington.  It is small, simple yet elegant chapel inside and I was married there, post Washington era.

Photographer David M. Fiebert

On loan to Mount Vernon at this time the small framed plague above the George Washington statue holds the cloth name plate from George Washington's coffin.

Also on loan to Mount Vernon, is a hinged bracket from Washington's casket that was attached to the lower flagpole in the above picture. Take the tour it is very informative and free of charge but donations are graciously accepted.

I was a tad disappointed to read that there is no documented proof to the "Cherry Tree" story.  If you never heard the rumor, it was said that in his youth George Washington chopped down a cherry tree without permission. He was confronted by his father. "Who chopped down the cherry tree?" He replied, I cannot tell a lie, I did.

The story was to promote his honesty and integrity.  How could we possibly let a rumor like that get around?  What a horrid thing to teach children. Truth and integrity, what is that?

My recollection in the primary years was getting a sheet of paper that included a cherry tree on it.  Copy machines and their copies had a certain smell back then and I liked it. I remember being told the story as we colored in the picture and imagined chopping down my own cherry tree, but of course realizing the consequences and all the trouble that would cause for global warming and then fessing up!

I also seem to recall, a cherry lollipop was involved.  I had the deepest respect for George Washington after that. Cherry continues to be my favorite taffy flavor and I believe the story also enforced my love of nature and trees. If you get the opportunity to go to the Cherry Tree Festival this year, definitely check it out.  It is a thing of beauty. One of the biggest displays is in Washington D. C., another location named after George.  Every thing starts with a seed and you always remember the first.

Happy Birthday George!
It is also cherry day.
How many desserts can you think of that include cherries?