Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top 10 Super Bowl Challenge Quiz

For entertainment purposes, of course.

 1. Who will win the coin toss? Baltimore won and San Francisco had the ball first

 2. What company will have the first commercial after the kickoff? Budweiser

 3. What team will score first? Ravens

 4. Who will be sacked first? San Francisco

 5. Score after the first quarter? Ravens 7 San Francisco 3

 6. Winning at Halftime? Ravens 21 - San Francisco 6

 7. Score after the 3rd quarter?

 8. Who Will WIN The Game?

 9. Who will be MVP?

10. Total points scored in the game from both teams.

I've seen grids on the web for the block pools.  Life is so much simpler now. Can the computer pick your block too?  Coming soon I am sure.

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