Thursday, January 10, 2013

Top 10 The Eyes Have It

1. As you gracefully age so do many parts of the body but one of the most critical parts comes in a pair, your eyes.

2.  I will take a guesstimate that around 40 you can deny it all you want but get your eyes checked.  You will be amazed that newsprint is not fuzzy and that you really don't have to adjust the size of the font on your computer screen and squinting causes wrinkles.  Deal with it early.

3. I was lucky, it was not until my very late 40's did I "really" need glasses and only on a part time basis, like when I actually wanted to be able to read anything!

4. My first pair were bifocals.  Did Franklin really invent those? Wiki says yes and if you doubt it, you have to prove it. John Isaac Hawkins, the inventor of trifocal lenses, coined the term bifocals in 1824 and credited Dr. Franklin. In 1955, Irving Rips of Younger Optics created the first seamless or "invisible" bifocal, a precursor to all progressive lenses.

5. Precursor is an interesting word and I am a precursor to progressive lens for two reasons.  My last pair of glasses were progressive and I hated them the moment I put them on. They (the eye people) always say give them time, eventually and begrudgingly I did.  Just when I was getting used to them, I left them in a restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island and I discovered that 1 hour before I was set to board an airplane home. I called the restaurant and they had them.  I asked them to ship them to me but they said they could not send glasses through the mail.  Really? Viagra can be shipped to you from anywhere, I get emails about it all the time. I said, I was willing to give them my credit card to pay for shipping expenses.  It just never worked out.  I called them several times after I got home.  I was ticked and haven't been to the eye doctors or purchased a new pair since and that was about 3.5 years ago.  I have been wearing CVS brand ever since. Even those are getting a little pricey, so I wait for a buy one get one, just in case I ever go back to Providence again.  Trust me, that ain't happening.

6.  This year I am taking control of my health, I am still aging gracefully and all my stats are good but my doctor said I should at least have my eyes checked.  It might have something to do with the black and blue shoes I was wearing the day of my annual checkup.  It was dark in my closet when I picked them out.  I don't check my shoes once they are on.  Do you?

7.  The first week in January I made my appointment with a new ophthalmologist because, I did fail to mention I was not thrilled with the last progressive office I went to.  I'm getting better but my entire life I have suffered with chronic impatience but once I developed CSS, (can't see stuff) I had to find an eye doctor and I did.  I liked him the first time I went and he liked me, I had insurance.  The next two, three four or five visits, whichever it was, my last two I waited in the waiting room for over two hours.  I know the drill you gotta get blurred up before they see you but this lapse in time was ridiculous.  The last visit, again because I am growing old gracefully, I kept track of who was next and they skipped over me three times.  That was enough for me.  Gracie here got her self up and check the list and said You Skipped Me!  Sweet and kind face says back to me, oh I am sorry I didn't see your name.  In an eye doctors office!!!  That is not even funny.  I ain't buying it, so I never went back there again.

8. On Tuesday, I went to the new place.  I had an 8:15 AM appointment. I am not even sure my eyes are fully opened at that time, but I figured the earlier the better, less waiting.  I did sleep in a little and got up at 7:15 AM to get ready.  I was up earlier but fell back to sleep and I had the craziest dream.  It was actually very vivid and I laughed about it and explained it to my husband.  I dreamed that I went to my eye appointment and I sat there and waited and waited and they didn't skip me but the doctor choose to help another patient with blue shorts on.  My eyes were blurry from the concoction as I strained to see what the person with the short blue shorts had that I didn't have and then I woke up.  I chalked it up to the bad experience so many years ago and today I was hopeful.

9. I get to the office and there is nobody there but me and the receptionist.  This is looking good!!!
She smiles and says, what is your name?  I tell her and was gonna be a smart Alec and say what's yours, but I didn't want to ruin my luck.  She looks me square in the eye and says, the doctor was in an accident and will be late.  Is that okay?  What do you say to that?  I hope she's okay.

10.  My visit lasted 2.5 hours and I ordered the progressive glasses.  I complained a little about not liking those but the doc said for the type of work I do, on the computer all the time, they really are the best choice. Her accident was just a fender bender and she seemed to take it in stride.  I used my smart phone to occupy my time waiting.  I checked email an looked up apps for possible further downloading. No, I did not play Angry Birds. I really didn't seem to mind the inconvenience this time. Maybe I am learning to manage my time better or just looking at things differently.

I am going to call this progress in the new year.  When is the last time you had your eyes checked?

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