Friday, January 11, 2013

Music Artists Birthdays in January

January 3 Stephen Stills

January 4 Michael Stipe

January 8  Elvis, R Kelly and David Bowie

January 9 Joan Baez, Jimmy PageDave Matthews

January 10 Pat Benetar, Rod Stewart, Frank Sinatra

January 21 Placido Domingo

January 24 Warren Zevon

January 25 Alicia Key Etta James

January 26 Lucinda Williams

January 28 Sarah McLachlan

Also two of the greatest classic composers.

January 27 Mozart January 31 Schubert

I know a few January birthday people and they don't sing.  I am going to have to suggest they start with karaoke.  There has been a whole lotta talent born in January.

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