Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Good Luck Charms

If 2013 is giving you the eebie geebies, go out and find your own good luck.  It is all around and just waiting for you to find it.  I am not trying to press my luck with going over 10 just trying to share all the luck I have with you.

Heads Up Penny

Lady Bug

Dream Catcher



Scarab Jewelry

Dragon Fly



Saint Christopher Medal


Keys (3 together)



Feather  I picked up a seagull feather at the beach.  I think I left it at the house. The house made it through the hurricane.

Shooting Star I believe I have seen several and if I had a picture I would not be  blogger.  I would be a rocket scientist.  They are fast and I recommend if you want to see one, don't blink!

Four-leaf Clover I never found one myself but was given one once.  I have misplaced it but I know what it is with, my old wallet.

Rabbit's foot The last one of these I had was a blue one and I got it at the Philadelphia Zoo when I was just a kid.  I am not sure it is politically correct to have one now but I loved mine.

Doggie doo - doo if you step in it and don't get mad, it is suppose to be good luck.  I will admit that is a tough one.

Same goes with a bird plopping on your head, just don't get mad.

I can not vouch for the last two but these are beliefs I was raised on, hence my sense of humor and ability to take a lot but I also always have one of these lucky charms if not on my person, somewhere I can find them. I'm Irish, I can use all the luck I can get.

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