Monday, January 7, 2013

Andy Songs

I can't claim to be a huge football fan but you can't live within 100 miles of the city of Philadelphia and not know who The Philadelphia Eagles are and their leader who lives among the ranks of people that are easily identified by their first name and Andy Reid is one of those people.  Many sang his praises and when the going got tough he took one for the team.  Philly is a tough crowd, Andy Reid took it for 14 years and rarely flinched, even during personal family tragedy for this I sing his praises.  

Congratulations on the new job, coach. Don't be too hard on us.

Songs that could apply.

Andy Your A Star The Killers

In Andy's Room Laura Shay

Man on the Moon  (Andy did you hear about this one) R E M

Andy Frank Zappa

Desperate Andy Cranberries

We Are Never Gonna Win With Andy(Tough Crowd) Taylor Swift Parody

Andy Warhol David Bowie

Andy Indigo Girls
Fly Eagles Fly

Thanks for the Memories Frank Sinatra

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