Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top 10 Smart Phone Apps from the Rookie

I was one of the grumpy ones about the smart phone all the extra expense and all.  It was cheaper to get a smart phone than to replace my flip phone and or to replace my dying battery. Three days in now and I am catching on.  Here are my first apps.  Any good ideas? Or should I say, smart ideas?

1. Brightest Flashlight

2. Google Translate

3. Google goggles

4. Google Now

5. After Focus

6. Twitter

7. Facebook

8. Scrabble with Friends

9. Kindle

10. Weight Watchers Bar Code Scanner

I hear the new phones and the new technologies are great.  I just hope it is not a further distraction.  I was just adjusting to getting my life together.  UGH! but I never shy away from a challenge.

I am 100% sure there are smarter people out there than me BUT I hear I have the smartest phone EVER!!! So look out world I am tuned in.  Now where did I put that dang thing? DROID, ah there she is. Yessss Jenny I am charging it every night. Call me.

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