Monday, December 10, 2012

Top 10 Jingle Bell Bark Questions and Answers

1. Is this the worse Christmas song ever? Let the debates begin.

2. Where did it come from? The idea came from Don Charles of Copenhagen, Denmark.

4. When was it first released? in the 1950's

5.  Who were these dogs anyway? The "original" Singing Dogs, were Dolly, Pearl, Caesar, and King.

6.  Was this a one woof hit? They also produced a rendition of Oh! Susanna, Three Blind Mice and Pat-a-Cake.  Jingle Bells was the BIG hit.

7.  Were any animals harm making this? Don Charles recorded the dogs barking, spliced them on reel-to-reel tape, and arranged the pitches.  No dog was harmed.

8. Is it a popular song? According to wikipedia research, musical historian Joel Whitburn Top Pop Singles 1955-2008. Record Research, Milwaukee, WI., the single reached #22 on U. S. Billboard Pop Singles Chart.

9. Have you heard it yet today?Some radio station somewhere is playing it during the holiday season.

10. Can your dog bark? Work on their pitch.  Warning though, some pooches can become Prima Donna's.

Is the Jingle Bells version sung by the Sing Dogs the worse Christmas song ever?  At some point in life, we can all receive a label and that can very well lead to a bad rap.  That is nothing to bark about.

Treat You Pets with Respect.

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