Thursday, December 20, 2012

Top 10 Coping with the End of the World

1.  Today is the eve of the predicted "by some" end of the world per the interpretation "by some" of the Mayan calendar.  How are you going to handle it?

2.  Lucky for me the end of my world came crashing down two days prior and I now have coping skills.

3. The commercial says don't leave home without your American Express card, well I don't leave home without my camera and I take a lot of pictures.

4.  My entire blog evolves around my pictures, they are where I get my ideas and record the places I have been. Pictures allow me to recall and share my journey with anyone who is interested in traveling along.  My pictures are my database.

5. With the new technology I hardly ever print a photo so I have no.................what did they call it back in the old days, hard copy.  If I lose my pictures, I lose it all.

6. As luck would have it and since I am of Irish heritage, I am lucky. I started receiving this message "low on disk space".  I started and here's a visual for you,  bailing out the ship and deleting picture files.  It was a tough process for me because even the blurry ones meant something to me.  I can remember every moment in those shots, so I was very selective.

7.  The disk space would grow a tad, once I deleted the file and emptied the recycle bin, but then it would randomly deplete again and I wasn't even doing anything!  I was miffed and I kept bailing out and deleting pictures.

8.  I took a photography course about 5 years ago and the best advice I ever got was get an external hard drive and I did.  It is also pretty full.  I started shoving everything in there and I suspected a virus.  I am usually pretty smart about that.  I don't go to odd websites and I don't fall for lures that often lead to a virus.

9.  Surely I was not thinking clearly and my nephew suggested MalawareBytes.  I have it loaded and run it from time to time but never even thought of it.  A quick scan came up with one virus and the longer scan took over 2 1/2 hours and it came up with two more.  I was relieved but wondered why my anti-virus didn't catch it!  I ran it again the next day and two more showed up.  I believe I am clean now and I thank my nephew for the idea and MalawareBytes for the product.  You can download it for free but I think they have earned my business. It is now on my Christmas wish list.  I will remove the Mercedes.  It is a good product, I believe it has saved my assets.

10.  Tomorrow (which will actually be today when this posts) will tell the true test, I unloaded 41GB of pictures gingerly, folder by folder to a new hard drive. I hope it will now hold steady. Wednesday was doom and gloom for me.  Good luck to every one else in the upcoming days and lets be careful out there, it's just the holiday season no need to freak out.  Just stock up on batteries, food, water, generators non-perishable food (cookies) or take it in stride and deal with what comes your way in small bytes.

A great big sigh, just one of those days!
If we get through this we have a whole year to turn 13 into a lucky number.  
It is all a mindset and it never hurts to have some kind of a backup plan.
We are all part of the big picture.

Yesterday my blog was cliffs and I was hanging on the edge, who could have predicted that.

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