Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Top 10 Uses for Dryer Sheets "Sheets Happen"

1. In the dryer as a fabric softener.

2. Remove dust from electronics, especially the television screen this is after it has been used in the dryer, still works.

3. Static cling on clothes. Rub the dryer sheet on the inside of the garment where it is sticking.

4. Freshen up those stinky shoes.  Have an athlete in your house?  You have stinky shoes.

5.Sachet in the unmentionables drawer.  If you use dryer sheets it is okay to mention.

6. Insect repellent, supposedly mosquitoes do not like the smell.  Next summer I am going to try it on green head flies and sell em on the beach if it works. You do not rub it on your skin, I have read you stuff it in your sleeve.

7. Remove pet hair from fabrics.

8. Soap Scum on a glass shower door. (

9. Food residue in pots and pans (I heard this one at the hairdresser and also saw it mentioned at (saving

10. Repels bed bugs and dust mites stick them between the mattress and box spring and put them in your luggage. I saw this "Natural Solutions to Things that Bug You" by Dr. Bator on an infomercial.

Disclaimer: as with anything you read on the Internet, do your own research and don't believe everything you read and don't read everything you believe get your facts correct and also make sound judgement after you have the facts.

Here are two sources I have read:
The science....Linda Wang

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