Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top 10 Things We Can Expect and Accept of the Season

1. Migration, look up in the sky.  It is a bird and usually several.

2. It may be too close to call but it looks like still plenty of time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Stock up on soup just in case. With a hurricane and snow already in our forecast, we will need to be ready.

3. How about geocaching?  Not familiar with the term? Well lucky for you, I just found out about it.  I don't have all the details or the rules down yet, but the basic idea I would say is treasure hunting.  There are sites all over the world and I think you can create you own, register it on the web and people find it take the "muggle" I think it is call.  No, no.  I have it all wrong don't depend on me for accurate information on this just yet for I am a muggle. #4 will explain that. I just found out! From my understanding there is some small trinket one person will leave for you to retrieve and you in turn leave something for the next person.  This is a totally free activity unless you factor in you gas to travel there.

4. I am sad to report at the time I stumbled over this (see pictured) I had no idea what geocaching was, therefore this makes me a muggle but I am a friendly one.  It just looked interesting so I opened the box and took a picture and left all contents inside.  I can report on October the 3rd when I was here all was secure on the beach in Beach Haven.  This was pre-Sandy Hurricane. Now I can only imagine I was meant to find it and here is a picture for the creator of this site. I am wondering if I was the last one to see it.  It has to be buried now.

5. No, I did not discover the hidden treasure this time. I merely made it to the top of the mountain,
PA foothills by most standards but I am alive.  Nothing like a heart pounding hike up the hill. Get out there and try it.  Talk with your doctor if you or anyone who wishes to travel with you questions whether or not that can make it up that mountain. I must say if you can, it is a moment be proud!

6. One thing about this time of year, if Mother Nature is kind to us, it is a colorful and beautiful time of year. All those leaves are coming down and someone will have to rake them.  You can use them for mulch.

7.   What a pile of pine cones?  Looks like the making of a festive wreath to hang on the front door to me.  Maybe you should have kept some of those "wire hangers", mommy dearest.  Shape the hanger into a circle and use floral wire to attach the pine cones. Add a little color to your creative imagination. Wella! Next thing you know all your friends will be calling you creative Cathy or be saying, check out Charlie.

8. That last leaf is going to fall and then it will be time to chop down an evergreen tree bring it inside, decorate it and then discard it.  I am not trying to be cynical just stating the facts. I have an artificial tree due to allergies in my house, but I love the real ones. Back in the day when I used to get a real one, we would take it down to the beach and it was used to build up the dunes.  That tradition went by  the wayside and I noticed it seemed to stop.  I am wondering if this will be a beneficial use again.  It could be way too premature to even think about that. My heart still breaks for all those people.

9. More disappointments on football the field. Yet we will all tune in because we bleed green and know, we will get em next time.

10. A free turkey at the supermarket of your choice.  Of course that is if you spend the big bucks at their store and you like turkey. Time to hunker down and prepare for the battle of the bulge, big eating and holiday cheer is on its way!

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