Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Top 10 Down to the Wire, Did You?

1. Buy enough butter?

2. Defrost the bird?

3. Give the wrong time to the right people?

4. Limited time!!!  Check the brown sugar.  You have 24 hours to place it in an air tight container with a piece of fresh bread it makes it soft, so they say.  It works.  I chalk this one up to weird science.

5. Iron the table cloth? (once or twice a year, you can do it). It rates right up there with peel the potatoes.  Somebody has to do it. UGH!

6. Wash the China? Dust is not a condiment.

7. Wash the stemware?

8. Polish the silver. Okay, okay just make sure you have enough spoons for dessert.

9. Get the wine!? You deserve a break after all the preparations and absorbing all the whiners.  Is there any more gravy?

10. Buy enough turkey for leftover sandwiches?  It just isn't Thanksgiving without the next day leftovers. I suppose the Pilgrim way is to share and send every one home with a little something.

I am not a big shopper so no advice there, only stick to a budget and don't create your own fiscal cliff.

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