Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Top 10 Philadelphia's Art on the Parkway

Philadelphia is filled with history, art and culture but this location is the heartbeat that brings it all together. The public is welcome to visit any one of these fine institutions filled with their own unique treasures. If you get a clear day, walk the entire length of the Parkway and enjoy all the artwork and sculptures along the way.

Jacques Gréber, a French urban planner designed the Ben Franklin Parkway in 1917 patterned after the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Ben Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA

Champs Elysees, Paris France

1. The Philadelphia Free Library has a magnificent looking build but this is one you must explore inside to get the full effect.  They have books!  The author series events and their special exhibits also warrant a trip inside. For those unable to come to the library they offer a Homebound Service click on the link for more information.

2. The Franklin Institute has the Titanic Artifact Exhibition 100TH Anniversary coming up, November 10th thru April 7th 2013. The Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit just ended.

3. The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University and neighbor The Moore College of Art and Design. The Philadelphia "Shell Show and Festival" October 20-21 at the Academy.

4. The Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul is the largest brownstone structure in Philadelphia and the largest Catholic Church in Pennsylvania.

5. Barnes Foundation campus in Philadelphia opened in May 2012 and it the newest addition to the Parkway. I love the reflections all around the building. To date, this is the only museum I have not be inside of yet.  I also have a curiosity about the Merion location.

6.The twin pylons Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Memorial by sculpter Hermon Atkens MacNeil, was carved by Piccirilli Brothers Marble Carving Studios.  The Piccirilli Brothers under the supervision of the sculptor, Daniel Chester French also carved the Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial.  That alone makes me appreciate and admire the craftsmanship even more. I am only sorry I didn't get a better picture.  I will be back.

7. Perelman Building an extension to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

8. Rodin Museum has to be my favorite to date.  I have not been inside since the redesign but I am thinking about it.  The Thinker is outside and one of the treasures along the stroll. Unlike the large collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, you can enjoy and absorb this entire collection in a few hours but you will want to come back guaranteed.  I love it!

9. Philadelphia Museum of Art has it all.  You can get lost among these treasures and without a doubt will want to make several return trips. The special exhibits are always worth the trip but there is certainly many permanent pieces that the museum is fortunate to house. My favorite Van Gogh, Rain and the Japanese Tea House. I have just begun to tap into all these resources.  William Penn atop City Hall is the symbol of the vision of Philadelphia at one end of the Parkway and the Philadelphia Museum of Art holds the canvas at the opposite end.  It is a breathtaking view.

10. Open Air by artist  Rafael Lozano-Hemmer was on display until October 14th.  I went to the exhibit on October 7. Actually we did a drive by, traveling in a light rain down Ben Franklin Parkway.  I didn't get a very good picture but visitphilly.com has some good ones.  Check out their link.  I am still working on my museum pieces and crafting my art work. It is a tad abstract at this time.

I still can't get over the same guys that carved the Lincoln statue in Washington D. C. carved the Civil War Memorial on the Parkway.  Do we know how lucky we are?

Even if you think you are not so much into the artsy stuff, check it out.  I bet you find something along the way that opens up your eyes.

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