Monday, October 8, 2012

Top 10 Fire Prevention Week Helps and Hints

1. Smoke Detectors should be installed on every level and outside each sleeping area.  Change batteries once a year, usually this is done when changing the clocks in the fall as a double reminder.

2. Have an escape plan and practice with the family at least twice a year.  Have 2 Ways Out and a specific meeting place for the family outside like a neighbors front yard. Get out right away do not try to fight the fire or retrieve anything.

3. Never leave the room with anything on the stove and never leave a candle lit unattended. Use a pot lid to smother a grease fire and turn off the burner.

4.  Always keep matches and lighters out of reach of small children and irresponsible adults.

5. Smoky room? Try another way out or if there is no alternative, keep low and crawl on your hands and knees.  Cover your mouth.Use a T-shirt or or another like cloth.

6. If your clothes catch on fire remember to STOP, DROP to the ground, cover you face with your hands and roll over and over to smother the flames.

7. Take care of a burn by placing the burned area in cool water for 10-15 minutes.  It is interesting, I received an email from a friend recently saying raw egg was good for a burn,  If you got that email that is floating around,  it is not true.  I snopes it and googled it.  DON'T Do IT. Use cool water.

8. Don't let anyone smoke in bed, better yet don't smoke in the house or at all.  Make sure all butts are extinguished use water if dumping an ashtray into a trash can.

9. Keep space heater away from flammable objects and turn them off when you got to bed.

10.  Fire extinguishers are a good tool to have on hand.  Make sure everyone knows how to use them.

Most firemen are volunteers.  Respect them and stand back, get out of harms way and let them do their jobs.  I can name three firemen off hand that I know and too often we forget to appreciate and thank these men and women that put their lives in danger.  Thank you Bailey, George, Tom and Ward.

This is a photograph taken June 1929 of the Moyamensing Hook and Ladder Company of Chester, Pennsylvania. My grandfather, is the short guy, second row, fifth from the left.  He was a member of the Delaware County Fireman's Association for 35 years.

Most of this information is common sense and tips we should all know and have in place.  Fire doesn't give you much notice to make plans. Teach your children to call 911.  How many times have we all heard those heroic stories.

As an additional source and a very comprehensive list check out the information shared at compliance and safetyThere is an extensive and helpful list to review at this website.

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