Thursday, October 25, 2012

Top 10 Birding Spots in North America

As listed at. This list was taken from the 10th Anniversary Issue of Wildbird the link actually list the Top 50 hot spots.

Birding has become a new hobby for me. It compliments my passion for photography.  The more I get involved, the more I am learning.  It is the 2nd most popular hobby and there are a lot of people out there that know something about birds.  I meet them all the time.  I will also share my latest bird pictures among the list.  They have all been spotted in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

1. South Florida

This Pelican flew overhead at Barnegat Lighthouse State Park.

This flying Pelican was down by the bay in Holgate on Long Beach Island.  If you like Pelicans see my old blog about "Be Careful What You Fish For".  It is about a Pelican rescue I witnessed in Jupiter, Florida, a few years back. It was incredible to watch, there is also a short video. It was one of my first blogs and remains one of my favorite,

2. Cape May, New Jersey

I first spotted this bird when it swooped into the watr at the Barnegat Inlet and disappeared under the water for a long time.  Up came the Cormorant with a fish.

When asked, "How did you do that with such ease?" Mr. C casually replied, "Ah, it was nuthin". They are actually drying their wings, it is a common sight, I now know.

3. Southeast Arizona

This Oyster Catcher was spotted in Cape May at the Conservancy. He was inconspicuously walking away from me as if I wouldn't notice he or she was one among about 50 seagulls on the Cape May coast. He obviously wasn't aware, I have a bird brain.

4. Upper Texas coast

I call him Larry as to me he resembles Larry from the Three Stooges. He is actually a Tern,which one I do not know, there are tons of Terns.  I like Larry Tern and his updo. A whole bunch of them hang in this playground in the bay in Barngat or it could be Loveladies. He is a dapper dude or dudette.

5. Point Pelee, Ontario

These Grackles would not shut up until I took their picture.  Some peeps just like to be seen.

6. Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas

There is so much more to this story but I will spare viewers the graphic details.  I will only say, this seagull was not the one to snatch the fish out of the sea but he was the one who profited from it.

7. Churchill, Manitoba

It is very cool how the Black Skimmer......skims. This one was skimming in Cape May.  You are sunning, they are skimming.

8. Kidder County, North Dakota

The Belted Kingfisher looks like a blue Woody Woodpecker to me. He was in the bay area of Holgate, Long Beach Island.

9. Pribilof Islands, Alaska

Ruddy Turn stones were discussing whether or not they will pose for me.
I must have charmed them. We both picked the same block to vacation at this year on our way to migration and hibernation, Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

10. Klamath Basin

I thought I had me an Osprey picture, but alas I believe this is a Red-Tail Hawk. The Osprey continues to elude me.  It just keeps me coming back to Heinz Wildlife Refuge where I spotted the red-tail.  October is Raptor Month.

Upcoming Bird Festivals listed at
Cape May Birding Festival October 26-28th.
Hawk Mountain, PA upcoming events
Heinz Refuge Fall Nature Programs
Registration for the Cradle of of American Ornithology

To date, unidentified flying objects but interesting peeps just the same. If anyone can identify them I would appreciate it.

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