Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top 10 After the Mega Storm in PA

1. Fortunately, we saw very little damage in my area in Pennsylvania.  I took a picture yesterday as my barometer.

Before the storm Monday morning

2. We have a lot of trees around my house, the wind was howling and the trees were swaying all day and through the night with fierce gusts at times.

After the storm Tuesday morning

3. I probably over prepared but I also have no regrets. If you know anyone who has lost power you can make ice for them.  I didn't need mine but in the event this would have been something good to have on hand. Great idea for ice blocks and later water if needed, Zip-loc bags.

Small bags

Large bags

4. We had two times when our electricity blinked, but we never lost power, never even lost internet.

5. The roadway 320 in Swarthmore is always a heavy traffic area, yesterday afternoon it was empty.
except for emergency personnel. Acme was open in Media and about 30 people were in the store and it looked as if a full staff was on hand.

6. New York seems to have been hit pretty hard in sections.  Friends we spoke with are all okay.

7. I have a friend with a second home in Margate, New Jersey who was understandably very anxious yesterday.

8. We also have friends with homes on Long Beach Island, New Jerseyour favorite summer vacation spot.  The damage looks rough.

9. Officials could not have done more to warn residents of the danger, in my opinion and in that respect probably saved many lives.  Unfortunately, there have been people that have lost their lives due to this storm and have or will suffer future property damage.  My heart and prayers goes out to these families.

10.  Again just an opinion and it is mine, the American Red Cross seems to be the best agency to make donations. If you feel grateful for your own minimal damage and you would like to do something to help, donate now.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention all first responders and officials that put their own lives at risk to help every day.  Thank you for your service.

Check on your people.  At the end of the day, that is what really matters.

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