Friday, September 28, 2012

Top 10 Hal David Songs

Choosing just 10 was a tough job. Image creating all these lyrics for a living! He wrote about 700 songs.

Hal David May 25th 1921 - September 1, 2012
Only my opinion, I am sure we all have our favorites.

1.  What's It All About Alfie? Cilla Black

2. This Guys In Love With You Herb Alpert

3.  Baby Its You The Beatles

4. One Less Bell To Answer Marilyn Macoo (Fifth Dimension)

5. Only Love Can Break A Heart Gene Pitney

6. Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head B. J. Thomas

7. Walk On By Dionne Warwick

8.  I Say A Little Prayer For You Aretha Franklin

9. What The World Needs Now Is Love Jackie DeShannon

10. You'll Never Get To Heaven If You Break My Heart Dionne Warwick

In 2007, Rolling Stone ran a list of  Top 10 Best Songwriting duos EVER and Hal David and Burt Bacharach were listed at 9. They collaborated on songs for 20 years.

He has had numerous achievements including being awarded the 4th recipient of the George Gershwin Prize for Popular Song in 2012 from the Library of Congress. along with Burt Bacharach

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Top 10 Things To Have On Hand During an Emergency

September is National Preparedness Month. 

Be prepared. makes the following basic recommendations. Check their website for a complete list.

1. Water, the rule of thumb one gallon per person for at least 3 days.

2. Food, at least a 3 day supply of non-perishable foods. What are non-perishable foods?  There's a website link for that and also excellent ideas if you are considering donating food.

3.  Battery powered radio and a NOAA Weather radio with a tone alert, and extra batteries for both.

4. Flashlight and extra batteries.  It is not on the list but I use candles.  The ones in glass jars are the safest I feel and matches kept out of reach of small children, make sure they do not get wet.

5. First Aid Kit

6. Whistle to signal for help.  Whereas I can see this as being beneficial it would probably not make my top 10 list of things to have on hand.

7. Moist towelettes and garbage bags for personal sanitation.  I have also seen a bucket and a disinfectant mentioned on other lists. Moist towelettes and hand sanitizer is probably a good thing too.

8. Dust mask or cotton t-shirt to filter the air.

9. Plastic Sheeting or duct tape to shelter in place.

10. Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities and a tool that serves a mufti-purpose including a can opener.

A complete list and other details can be found at

Other sources:
American Red Cross

Saturday September 29th  5th National Take Back Prescription Drugs Check for a site near you.
Register to vote by Oct. 9; Apply for absentee ballot by Oct. 30

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Top 10 Something About Three

We have all heard these expression, right?

Three times the charm.

Bad luck comes in three's.

Three strikes your out.

Three sides to every story, yours, mine and the truth.

Three coins in a fountain. Do you know what it means? This factoid comes from my favorite international tour guide.  Simon Says, Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain, one coin you will return to Rome, two coins a marriage is coming soon or a new mate, three coins divorce.

Three Day Weekend, say it again it has a great ring to it. Three Day Weekend!

Three second rule.

Three goals in a hockey game is a Hat-Trick.

Three hole punch.

Three is a crowd.

Famous trio's: Three Musketeers, Three Blind Mice, The Three Bears, Three Little Pigs, Three Caballero's, Three Stooges, Three Faces of Eve, Three's Company, Three Wise Men, The Trinity, (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

If you really think about it, I bet you could easily come up with at least three more

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top 10 Upcoming October Run/Walks

Susan G. Komen 3-Day Philadelphia October 5th - 7th

Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes October 6th Philadelphia Art Museum

Vision Walk October 13th Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Challenge Walk MS October 13th and 14 Lansdale and Historic Philadelphia, PA

Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma Walk in Philadelphia, PA October 14th

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer October 20th Memorial Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Aids Walk/Run Philly October 21

Light the Night October 27th Eakins Circle Philadelphia, PA

21st Annual Lupus Loop October 28th Memorial Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Walk to Cure Diabetes October 28th Philadelphia Art Museum and Bucks County Community College.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Top 10 Things That Make You Look Up

The roar of a helicopter, this one was hovering along the beach in New Jersey.  EPA was doing its job.  The really big ones with the guns mounted on the front always get my attention.  They are LOUD.

A bird in flight catches the eye.

The glow of the Full Moon,  The next one is September 29-30, the Harvest Moon.

Skyscrapers always catch my eye, as I walked closer and took the second picture, I actually got a little dizzy looking up.

Comcast Building in downtown Philadelphia

Sports Extra Point, Kick in a Football Game (did he make it?) Basketball shot (did it go in?) Striking of a Baseball(where did the ball go?) Check the scoreboard.

The telescope brings the planets and the stars and the moon closer to earth.

Mountain Peaks are just the icing on the cake when you travel by boat on Lake Luzerne.

Mount Pilatus, Luzerne, Switzerland
Lightning Bolt Sculpture (the kite, the lightning and the key).

Dedicated to Ben Franklin sits at the base of the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia, PA, artist Isamu Noguchi

A steeple I have been told, is designed to make the eye look up towards heaven.

Fireworks (go ahead click on it if you are not having a spectacular day).

Maybe things will change if you start looking up.

These fireworks are courtesy of Longport, New Jersey, Labor Day Weekend 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Top 10 Songs About the Seasons

1. Time of the Season Zombies

2. Seasons in the Sun Terry Jacks

3. Seasons of Love written by Stevie Wonder from Broadway Musical "Rent".

4. Season of the Witch Donovan

5. All Four Seasons Sting

6. The Season The Dodos

7. A Song For All Seasons Renaissance

8. Four Seasons In A Day Crowded House

9. For All Seasons Yanni

10. Sweet Season Carole King with James Taylor at the Hollywood Bowl

Photograph of the Hollywood Bowl from the Hollywood sign on the hill above.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Delco Daily Top Ten: Top 10 Identifying Butterflies

Delco Daily Top Ten: Top 10 Identifying Butterflies: Typically we think of butterflies and new life coming in the spring. All of these butterflies were photographed within the last two weeks. H...

Top 10 Identifying Butterflies

Typically we think of butterflies and new life coming in the spring. All of these butterflies were photographed within the last two weeks. Have you noticed any of them?

The Monarch, of course is on its journey south towards Mexico and the east coast is a major pathway.  It is migration time!

  The lifespan of the Painted Lady is 2-4 weeks.

 The Common Buckeye likes open spaces with low vegetation and bare ground.  I spied this one spending a sunny afternoon a block from the beach in New Jersey and saw another hanging around in Tyler Arboretum in Pennsylvania a week later.

 The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail is native to North America.  Swallowtail's are the largest butterfly.

The Spicebush Swallowtail is famous for puddling and I believe that is exactly what they are doing here just off the shore of the Delaware River.

There are a variety of Skipper butterflies.  I can not specifically identify this one, if you can you are a better man then me.  Here is a link that has pictures of "some" of the types.  It could be a Delaware Skipper but it was last seen in Pennsylvania.

The Cloudless Sulphur flutters and floats. The breeding season is dependent on the climate of the area, from midsummer to fall in the cooler areas, to year-round where the climate is warmer. I'd love to know where it got its name.
The Eastern Tailed Blue is a common butterfly in eastern North America. Frankly, I think it is the first one I ever saw.
According to the wikipedia description footnotes, Rick Cech and Guy Tudor (2005). Butterflies of the East Coast, The Red Spotted Purple male and female species are identical except that the females are slightly larger than the males.

The Cabbage White is one of the fastest butterflies and most common ones you see.  For me it was one of the hardest ones to get a photograph of due to its speed.

Disclaimer:  I am not a lepidopterologist and I could be incorrect in identifying the name of the above butterflies but I did use several sources one was a book that I have misplaced, it is in my house somewhere and I will credited it once it is found and the other was pure sight, recollection and deep research beginning with google "blue butterfly" and going from there.  Dazzle your friends, say, " I believe you have a  Junonia coenia circling around youIf they look at you like you are flighty, just shrug and say a common buckeye.

Most of these critters only get one season and a very short span of time.  If you happen to see one, consider yourself lucky to have made the acquaintance.  We all have names.

I found the book, naturalist may recognize  it Peterson First Guide, Butterflies and Moths by Paul A. Opler, Illustrated by Amy Bartlett Wright. The Painted Lady was identified by the volunteer at the information center at the Cape May Nature Conservancy. Black and orange?  I would have said another monarch.  I'm learning.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Top 10 Pirate Dialog for International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Not to be confused with sailor talk! Use discretion, not all people think pirates are nice.

1.  Ahoy Matey!

2.  Land ho!

3. Swab the deck.

4. Aye, aye, Captain.

5. You salty dog.

6. Aurrrrgh!

7.Walk the plank!

8. Get the booty.

9. Capture the flag.

10."Shiver Me Timbers" in my opinion was stamped by Popeye the Sailor Man, not a pirate at all but he did steal Olive Oyle's heart, so we will count him in.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day, the background.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top 10 Tony Danza Talks Teaching

1.  Tony Dana appeared at the Philadelphia Free Library on Saturday promoting his book.  Or did he?  I heard more about promoting teachers and teaching and the importance of eduction.

2.  His book," I'd Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had" was inspired by his 6 week reality television show, "Teach"  and the rest of the weeks to follow at Northeast High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

3.  After the cameras stopped rolling, Danza stayed on and finished out his one year commitment to the Philadelphia school system.

4. One of the questions after his speech was, Why Philadelphia and Why Now?  His answer: he had the choice of three high schools and Northeast had what he was looking for.

5. Why now was an interesting answer that led to answer the many questions I had in my mind. Tony Danza went to college to become a teacher and his path took a different course.  He remembers his mother's eyes rolling after she paid for his college tuition and he began boxing.

6. Her facial expression improved when he landed the television role on "Taxi".  I was also a fan of his television role on "Who's the Boss" along with Judith Light and Alyssa Milano as his daughter.  He ended up going back to school in that role to become a teacher.

7. He got fired, as he put it, from his latest endeavor, a talk show was cancelled. He was approaching his 60th year of life and wondered what he was going to do with the rest of his life.  The opportunity to do the reality show "Teach" came up and he had the credentials.

8. He spoke of his first hand experience and admitted he only did one year but it was enough to educate even himself. He's a funny guy and he joked about every President he can remember being, the "educational President" but the conversation got more serious when he discussed the budget cuts.  He believes this will only draw a more definitive line between the have and the have nots.

9. His apology lies in the fact that teachers, most teachers, (he admits, there can be bad ones) work hard and it is their life passion to direct and educate and they are seldom appreciated for such a crucial role.  He referred to one of his fellow teachers giving him a gift at the end of his assignment, and forgive me for not retaining her name, I believe her first name was Liz.  Many have heard the story. It was written on the plaque, about thousands of starfish that had washed up on the shore, they were dying and a young boy came by and began to toss them back into the ocean.  A man walked passed him and said, "Boy you are wasting your time, do you really think you can make a difference?" The boy proceeded with a demonstration by tossing one more back into the ocean and replying, "I made a difference to this one".  I may not have the story exactly right but I am sure you get the point.

10.  He quoted  playwright, Arthur Miller.  "The best you can hope for is that you end up with the right regrets.

His students graduated from Northeast High School this year and the principal was on hand to introduce him to the crowd on Saturday and presented a picture of his class to him in their cap and gowns. He returned to the school this year and spoke at graduation and also went back last year for a fundraiser, Teachers verses Students in a talent show. He never mentioned who won but one of the contestants, a teacher with a hidden talent was in the audience and Mr. Danza allowed him to be the first person he selected to take a question from.  It was more of a thank you and mutual respect from my vantage point. He had a few students that he spoke of not mentioning any names and they were great and moving stories. It is all in his book.

Something he mentioned that stuck with me was these kids, not only were members of his classroom but all had lives going on in their own world and some faced some difficult situations.  He's not sure if he tossed any starfish back into the ocean but he feels he got them closer to the sea in realizing just how important an education is and how brief you time in school actually is.  He told his students you should make the best of this very short time in your life when you are in school.  It reflects the rest of your life.

I think I am going to have to purchase that book as a gift.  Someone in my house is close to graduation in a degree in education.  I couldn't be more proud.

Teaching is a difficult but rewarding profession.  We are all not suited for the classroom, but we certainly all have the opportunity to lead by example, just ask the boy and the starfish.

The Philadelphia Free Library has speakers often. The events are not all free but this one was.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Top 10 September 17, 1787 Constitution Day

Constitution Day, also known as Citizenship Day is September 17th.

This year is the 225th Anniversary of the signing of the Constitution..

National Constitution Center (sign the constitution).

Barry Faulkner Mural of the Constitution courtesy of The National Archives.

Muhammad Ali received the 2012 Liberty Medal at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on September 13th, 2012.

How much do you know about the Constitution?  Take the quiz

Have you ever heard anyone say, "that is unconstitutional"?  The Supreme Court debates, studies and interprets this document all the time.

Here is a study guide for next time.  The Constitution of the United States.

Where is the United States Constitution on display? National Archives and Records Administration located at Constitution Ave NW [between 7th and 9th St.] Washington, DC 20408.

Preserving the "Fifth Page"

Admission at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia is "free" today, "Constitution Day 2012", courtesy of PricewaterhouseCoopers click on the link for a calendar of today's events.  The center is open from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Top 10 Songs About Reading and Writing

1. I'm Gonna Sit Write Down and Write Myself  a Letter Nat King Cole

2. If You Could Read My Mind Gordon Lightfoot

3. Read it in Books Echo and the Bunnyman

4. Read Em and Weep Barry Manilow, also sung by Meatloaf.  The song was originally written by Jim Steinman for Meatloaf, the song became a hit for Manilow.

5. I Write the Songs sung by Barry Manilow was written by Bruce Johnston who joined the Beach Boys in 1965.

6. I May Know the Word Natalie Merchant

7. Unwritten Natasha Bedingfield

8. Words Bee Gees

9. Kodachrome Paul Simon

10. Paperback Writer The Beatles

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Top 10 Things To Know About Michael Lahoud of the Philadelphia Union

1. He made an appearance at the Open House at the Delaware County Literacy Council Open House last night.

2.  He was born in Sierra Leone.

3. His family came to the United States when he was 6 years old during a massive civil war in that country.

4.  He could barely speak English when he came to this country.  A fellow 2nd grader, Shannon Brown taught him to speak English after school for a 1/2 hour every day.

5. ESL is a topic that grabs his attention.  He had to learn the English language.

6. He attended college at Wake Forest.

7. His Number 13 has followed him as his lucky number since college.

8.  He hated reading and the first book he remembers reading during college while he was on a road trip to Brazil was Dan Brown's, The DaVinci Code.  He went on to read the rest of the series and then Paradise Lost.  To him literacy is about stories, telling them and writing them.

9.  He is an eloquent and relaxed speaker. He believes reading opens doors.

10.  He seems to be an all around humble, good guy and he earned himself a new fan last night.  I also got his autograph after I asked him if he was going to be great and famous some day.  His reply, "Yes I will at something".  I would sell his autograph on ebay but somehow I think it will only increase in value.

The next Philadelphia Union home game is next Thursday.

You can watch Michael's interview with the Daily Times editor Phil Heron at the Live in the Newsroom link.

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Top 10 More September Events and Things to Do

Outdoor Craft Store Swarthmore September 15th 9:30 - 4 behind the co-op.

Super Sunday in Media, State Street, September 16th, rain date September 23rd 9:30 - 5PM.

2012 Senior Health and Lifestyle Expo, Brookhaven, PA, Thursday September 20th, 9am - 12 noon.

 Up in the Sky "Open Air" by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer alight show running nightly from 8pm -11pm between 21st and 24th Street on the Ben Franklin Parkway, September 22nd - October 14th.

The Apple Festival Linville Orchards for September 22-23, Media, PA.

Community Arts Center's 10th Annual Fine Arts and Craft Festival, September 22nd, State Street in Media, PA.

Civil War Battle and Camp September 22nd and 23rd. Ridley Creek State Park, Edgmont, PA.

Riverfront Ramble on the Chester Waterfront, September 22.

Haunted History at the Colonial Plantation September 29th, tour the buildings with Delmarva Historic Haunts and hear the results of their investigation of these properties.

Newtown Square Fire Department Flea Market September 30th (rain date October 7th) Newtown Square Shopping Center 9-4PM.

Stop by the Open House at Delaware County Literacy Council tonight from 5-7pm and meet some of the bloggers, see the Live in the Newsroom broadcast, connect with the Brothers of Concern, hear about the local rotary connection and listen to Michael Lahoud of the Philadelphia Union talk about his journey from Sierra Leone to the ranks of Major League Soccer.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reflections of 911

Remembering 911

Top 10 September 11th Poems by Vincent Tomeo

Vincent J. Tomeo is a native New Yorker and a published poet.  His poems reflect the emotions felt after the attacks on his city and our country September 11th, 2001.

Never Let Them Win

How can I write a poem
When my soul is seared by the news…
How can I write a poem
When I look out my window and see no tower’s lights

How can I write a poem
When the smell of death is in the air
How can I write a poem
When I personally knew four people
Who perished in the fires of the crumbling World Trade Towers

How can I write a poem
When a former student of mine was turned into ashes
How can I write a poem
When I feel a piece of my heart has been cut out of me

How can I write a poem
When I want to scream

How can I write a poem
I’ll tell you
One line at a time
With my mind
With my heart
With my soul

For those who live
For those who died
Because I have to

by Vincent J. Tomeo

September 11th, 2001

Straight into the stomach of steel explode jetliners
appendix of commerce bursts
the sky is steaming like a hot sauna
glass flying everywhere

The birds are on fire
white orange lava flows quick

Teardrops from towers drip people
A fountain of glass implodes into flux
thick ash plummet

A pall of black gurgles forward
An accordion of death descends into an abyss
Thick mud melts innocence
consumed into a steel mix…

God ... 911 Emergency … History scarred … Mass murder

I see the smoke bellow from my windows
I smell death from Chambers Street and West Broadway
I’m going to vomit

A Raggedy-Ann doll is covered in dust
cleave to a steel girder
An open hand is sticking up from the debris

Television reception is out.

by Vincent J. Tomeo

9.11.01(Poem Two)

I want to wrap myself
In the American flag

I want to fly high

I want to blow in the wind
I want to ripple in the light

I want to sing
God Bless America

I want to coil up
cry for those who gave their lives
I want to forever be free

I want to announce to the world
I am a native New Yorker

I am an American

by Vincent J. Tomeo

* Published in the Neovictorian/Cochlea, Vol. VI/No.1, Spring-Summer 2002
* Second Honorable Mention in Poets’ Round Table, July 2002


9.11.01(Poem Three)

New York City is a tea pot
without a cover

Steam was lost in explosions
of the World Trade Towers
a city has lost its top hat
but not its soul

a new lid will take its place
steam will build
hear commerce whistle blow

by Vincent J. Tomeo

9.11.01(Poem Four)

Let’s Roll

Take down Flight 93
Save The White House
Keep it free

Let’s Roll

Let’s Roll

Land of The Free
Home of The Brave

Proven on Flight 93.

by Vincent J. Tomeo


Rest on a bay

Blue white gray

Serene sea
Slaps echoes against the shore

Feathered silver cream

A house
On a hill
Painted pale peach

On the other side of the world
Black caves filled with terror

Ready to kill.

by Vincent J. Tomeo


Post 911


The cockpit door takes on a new meaning
It is all white
a stainless steel sunken pull door handle
will let you in or lock you out

A bull's eye peephole is dead center
so the co-pilot can see who is knocking
He can let you in or keep you out

A narrow doorway flaps open to spread its wings
and keep a flight

Peering into the first class section on USAir flight 1733
from the first seat 5D in Zone One

Ready to lunge if anyone makes a mad dash for the cockpit door

by Vincent J. Tomeo

I Visited The 9/11 Memorial


Gazing into the granite footprints of the former World Trade Towers
as water flowed
                           dropped into  immense open sanctums

Water is life  
Water is power
Mystical dramatic mirroring the light
Crystal sparkling diamond white
Poignant hallowed grounds

Can water cradle the loss and fill a deep sunken hollowness
Nothing can fill the void

by Vincent J. Tomeo

September 12th, 2001

The day after
I learned to love my neighbors in NYC, America
The day after
I learned the true meaning of fear and hate

The day after
I learned what freedom means
The day after
I learned how much I truly love

The day after
I learned we may never be the same tomorrow
The day after
I learned I am an American

The day after
Smoke rose from ground zero
Like angel’s wings

by Vincent J. Tomeo

* Published in Twin Towers Orphan Fund, Echoes From The Heart-An Anthology
  of Poetry for Peace From 9.22. to Infinity, November 5th 2003
* Third Place Award in Born-Again American Contest Commemorating The 9-11-01
   Attack on America, Angels Without Wings Foundation.

Open Letter To The Statue Of Liberty

Aren’t you tired
Holding up
The light of the world

Only a woman would do
Such a wonderful thing

On 9.11.01
It was hard to watch you cry.

by Vincent J. Tomeo

Published in The Neovictorian/Cochlea, “Art for Awareness’ Sake”
Vol. VII/no. 1 – Spring/Summer, 2003



I met Vincent this past May on my trip to Colorado.  He was a fellow traveler. He likes to be called "Red" due to his blazing red hair and his glowing personality.