Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top 10 Steps to Become a Tutor for Adult Literacy

1. Must be 18 Years Old.

2. Complete a volunteer application.

3. Request a PA Criminal Background Check (requires a $10 fee).

4. Complete the Media Consent Form.

5. Candidates must exhibit patience and be encouraging.

6. Train to Become a Tutor in a 10 hour Tutor Training Class. The training is offered every 8-10 weeks. (see upcoming training).

7. Meet with a Student Twice a Week for 1 1/2 hours at a public place.

8. Each Tutor is asked to make a commitment of a minimum of 6 months with the hopes of staying with the student until the student meets his or her individual goal, which could take longer.

9. Non tutor volunteer positions are also available.  Contact Susan Keller at volunteers@delcoliteracy.org.

10. Enjoy the afterglow of a job well done in making a difference and changing a life.

The Delaware County Literacy Council is holding an Open House on September 12th to celebrate International Literacy. Drop in and personally see what is involved in becoming a student, tutor and also a non-tutoring volunteer.

 Michael Lahoud of the Philadelphia Union soccer team 
is scheduled to appear at DCLC's 
Sept. 12th Open House.

The center offers tutoring in Reading, English as a Second Language or Math, as well as GED preparedness.

Check out their Youtube channel and Facebook page.

Currently there are nearly 50 adult learners waiting for tutors.

Could that be you?

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