Monday, May 21, 2012

Top 10 Things We Forget

1. Where we left our keys. Have you ever run up and down the stairs looking for misplaced keys and forgotten why you are up there?  I think it is common.

2. Mistakes happen, just try not to be repetitive and forget about it.

3. We are only human. Give yourself a break.

4. Did I unplug the curling iron, straightener, turn off the oven, remove the boiling pot on the stove?  All very dangerous memory lapses.  Set timers and carry it with you, nowadays set the alarm on your phone.  There is an app for that.

5. To tell someone you love them as they walk out the door. When they walk in isn't a bad practice either.

6. Taking car of the car, get gas, get the oil changed. This memory lapse could come back to bite you.

7. Getting all caught up in what you are doing and missing an appointment.  That was at 2pm!!!

8. To save for a rainy day. Clouds can form any day and you never know when a downpour will occur.

9. Things that make us angry in a flash. Anger does dissipate and if we remember what made us so angry, we oft times see how silly it seems. Removing your self from the situation helps. It helps me anyway and anyone in my path : ).

10. Who is responsible for you? Just a is You.

I am sure there are more but these are the ones I remember.

Life is short.  Don't forget your people. No one comes with a guarantee.

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