Friday, May 18, 2012

Top 10 Songs About Dreams

1. In Dreams Fleetood Mac

2. Trouble with Dreams Eels

3.  Impossible Dream Jim Nabors

4. Dreamweaver Gary Wright

5. Dream On Aerosmith

6. Dream a Little Dream of Me California Dreamin Mammas and Pappas

7. Gemini Dream Moody Blues

8. In Your Wildest Dreams Tina Turner and Bary White

9. River of Dreams Billy Joel

10. Sweet Dreams Eurythmics

 Have any songs that help you dream?

Or are you still Working on a Dream Bruce Springsteen.


  1. Yeah, I was searching for the Blackstreet boys is there. Never heard of the rest of the list tho.

  2. Then check them out. The Eels song is probably my favorite.