Monday, May 28, 2012

Top 10 Memorials

1. The John Paul Jones Memorial is a monument in West Potomac Park in Washington, D. C. John Paul Jones,  was the father of the United States Navy, Famous quote "I have not yet begun to fight!"

2. The World War II Memorial  opened in Washington D.C. in 2004.  I saw it for the first time this year.  It is something to see, especially if you have a relative that served in this war.

3. D.C. War Memorial located in Washington, D. C. was dedicated in 1931 on Armistice Day.

4.  The Jefferson Memorial sits in a prominent position in the Tidal Basin in Washington, D. C.

5. Normandy American Cemetery and Monument is located in Normandy, France.

6. Philadelphia Beirut Bombing Memorial honors the Philadelphia Marines killed. In 1983, 241 Servicemen were killed in a Beirut, Lebanon terrorist attack.

7.   Korean War Memorial Philadelphia is located at Front and Dock Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


8. The Final Farewell, artist Lorann Jacobs, 2007 is also located in Philadelphia at The Korean War Memorial.

9.  Philadelphia Vietnam Memorial is located at Front and Spruce Streets in Philadelphia, PA

10. The National Memorial Arch located at Valley Forge Park, in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Watch the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Delco Top 10 thanks and salutes all military and today, Memorial Day we acknowledge all those who have given their lives for our freedom.

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