Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Top 10 Friends with Benefits in the Garden

1. Worms are free labor.  Where else can you get someone to till your soil and all they want to do is to left alone?

2. Bees are busy.  I found this neat video on Youtube, Bee Pollinators of Southwest Virginia Crops (revised 6 June 2010) .  Check out the buzz if you have the time.

3. Toads do not just show up but if you are lucky, your prince will come along.  I feel blessed warts and all.  Now the challenge to keep him hopping back.

4. Lady Bugs can be purchased by the bag full at your local garden store.  I still live by the rule, if it ain't natural, it ain't right.  I also believe, it is good luck when one lands on you, especially if you are carrying around any unwanted aphids.

5. Lacewings I believe I have seen these bugs around and have swatted them.  I will try and use more self control the next time.

6. Spiders and their webs can do wonders.

7. Birds

Some people call this robin an ordinary bird, au contraire this ordinary bird is a mother to be.

8. Bats are a big contributor in maintaining the mosquito population. You do not have to invite them into your home but treat them with respect. Give them some space as long as it is not your attic.

9. Dragonfly I have yet to catch one of these bad boys with my camera, they are just too fast, but perhaps someday.

10. The Praying Mantis (You can actually buy the eggs and let them hatch in your garden, I saw them on display at the garden store). I myself think it is more fun finding them by surprise in your garden.

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