Friday, March 2, 2012

Top 10 Funeral Songs

I am not trying to promote the activity but the comfort can be found in the lyrics of these songs if you are searching. All these songs can also be found on YouTube and purchased through the individual artists websites, ITunes, Amazon etc.
1. Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me Elton John

2. He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother The Hollies

3. Funeral In The Rain Chris Isaack

4. Bridge Over Troubled Waters Simon and Garfunkel

5. Dust In The Wind Kansas

6. 100 Years Five For Fighting

7. Angel Sarah McLachlan

8. In My Life The Beatles

9. Fountain of Sorrow Jackson Browne

10. For a Dancer Jackson Browne

I like the religious ones as well but I have always found comfort in these songs and I find that comfort today.

Rest in peace
and this song was Peggy's choice
I may not have done everything my mother told me to do, but I did listen.
I have no idea where I got that free thinking independent attitude from.
Chariot's of Fire - Theme Song by Vangelis
and to pay homage to my favorite Monkee, Davey Jones Daydream Believer. I wonder if my mother will get to meet him?

I also recommend a good support system and I am fortunate to have that I could name names but you will find a touch of them all in my daily blogs. They are all in there and they know who they are.

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