Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top 10 When Did Snow Days Stop Being Fun?

1.  When your number wasn't called on the radio or running across the bottom of the television screen?

2.  The dilemma do you take a personal day or take your life in your hands? Not everyone can work from home.

3. When you look out the window at all the pretty white stuff and your car is buried under it. UGH!
You have to shovel a path to your door and to your car BEFORE you clear the driveway and dig out your car.

4. When the excitement that you are exercising and burning off calories wears off, this stuff is heavy!

5. When you know you better taken Tylenol or ibuprofen now cause you are gonna be hurting later.

6.  When the car in front of you makes it half way up the hill and stops, you are stuck.

7. When you get out of work early due to road conditions, yet it takes at least that extra 15 minutes to clear your car and double the time to drive home because every body is getting out early.

8.  When you spend all that time clearing every speck off your car and the snow from the car across the lane from you who forgot to clear their roof suddenly slides onto your windshield and  you temporarily can't see driving down a four lane, which is now only two lane highway..

9.  Arrive home and either there is no parking  space on the street and or you have to dig your driveway out to get in.   There is no guarantee the space you dug out this morning belongs to you. People can get shot for moving trash cans.
10. Normal exercise gets hampered you can't walk safely in the street and running especially if it is icing is not the wisest thing to do.

Days like this global warning doesn't sound all that bad!

Sorry kids it is always just a little bit better for adults if snow falls over the weekend IF you ar not on the schedule.

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  1. Hahaha This is GREAT!! Literally made me LOL ! And, so true!! ;-)