Monday, January 23, 2012

Top 10 We Are........ "saddened"

1. Sorry to hear of the passing of Joe Paterno, Joe PA to the inner circle.

2. Sorry that cancer takes so many lives.

3. Sorry that such a horrific scandal came and tarnished an impeccable reputation of honor.

4. Sorry that he will not be able to stand and defend himself at a trial where he did what he thought was the right thing to do.

5. Sorry that the accused actions of one man can bring down another.

6. Wondering if these allegations helped to advance his condition.

7. Wondering how many more victims will be affected before this case is solved.

8.  Wondering why he seemed to be the hardest hit with the exception, of course of the children involved in the scandal.

9.  Wondering if some one is out there gunning for every one or just the popular ones, looking for a scapegoat or a deflection.

10.  Wondering how a lifetime of great achievement and reputation can be shattered by a mistake made by someone else.

We are, of course sorry for the loss to the Paterno family and the entire Penn State family and alumni that lost one of their own. Joe Paterno now is to go down in history as an "unsung hero".  There still remains quite a volume of people that will sing his praise.  To many Joe Paterno put them on the map and on the path to recognition and greatness.

 He was  Penn State.  I guess he is a lesson to us all.  At the end of our days, who is our support system.  Those are your friends and the ones that matter,the ones that will stand by you. Shame on us all, really. How often do you see or hear about an injustice, make a comment about it, maybe mention it to a few people and shrug and say "what could I do'?  Turns out we are all capable of doing a lot of damage by doing nothing.

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  1. LOVE this! Joe Pa was a hero to many and loved Penn State Football! Pretty sure he got plenty of offers from NFL and colleges during his 46 years as Head Coach but chose to stay with the Nittany Lions! Your last paragraph is sooo true! Who would have thought that a scum-bag could have tarnished the reputation of such a great man?! Sandusky should be locked in a room with a gun and told to do the honorable thing, so he doesn't waste anymore taxpayers money on trials or ruin any more lives! SOOOO sad that after 46 years of Coaching at 85 years old, in just 2 months after being relieved of his duties by Penn State, he passed away. No doubt that is what killed him! ;<(