Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 10 New Year Superstitions and Traditions

1. Kissing at midnight to ensure those affections and ties continue throughout the next twelve months.  Failing to do so could cause a year of coldness.

2. Black eyed peas on New Year's Day will attract general good luck and financial good fortune.

3. Eat pork because cows stand still, poultry scratches backwards and pigs root forward, move forward into the new year.

4. Do not do laundry on New Year's Day lest a family member be washed away.

5. Making loud noise at midnight scares all the evil spirits away.

6. If the wind blows from the south there will be fine weather and a prosperous year ahead, from the north it will be a year of bad weather, from the east famine and calamities, from the west plentiful supplies of milk and fish but the death of an important person.  If no wind a joyful and prosperous year will be had by all.

7. Open all the doors at midnight to let the old year out.  He must leave before the new year can come in.

8. The New Year should not begin with debt, pay off all debts before the new year arrives. Checks should be written and mailed off before the first of the year.

9. Nothing is to leave the house on New Year's Day not even the garbage or recycles. If you allow something to leave you are opening the gates for loss through the year.

10. Lobster should be avoided on New Year's day because a lobster walks backwards and may result in a financial backslide.

Here is a link to a black eyed peas recipe you can find at I myself have never made it but it sounds good. Lentils are also said to be lucky. Opening a can of lentil soup is simple enough.

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