Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top 10 Thoughts about JFK and Dealey Plaza the Scene of the Crime

No Photographs are allowed inside the Sixth Floor Museum and shot glasses were not permitted to be sold in the gift shop as of 2010 when I was last there.

1. The assassination of JFK will always be one of the most heavily debated topics.

2. It certainly fires up emotions.

3. I profess only to present to you what I have seen.

4. My list last year was submitted by someone who has made the quest to find the truth his life goal.

5. Going to the site of this tragedy is an experience for all Americans, especially if you remember the day it happened.  I was so young yet it made a profound impact on me.

6. The Museum presents many facts and viewpoints of that day. Do they conclude it was a lone gunman?  The facts presented heavily lean in that direction.

7. You can follow the chronological events in the headphones during the tour.  It steps you back it time.

8. The photographs inside are amazing. Although, you can not stand at the exact window where the shots came from (it is enclosed in Plexiglas) but you can stand right next to it and look down as Oswald could have done.

9. There is a walking tour outside you can take using your cell phone.  It is very well worth the additional cost.  Being inside is one vantage point.  Walking the grounds and the area where the people watched in horror is another.

10.  You would think we would know the truth by now, yet every year there is a "new" special disputing Oswald acted alone or that it was a conspiracy.

I have made up a slide show of Dealey Plaza and the surrounding area that you might see if you visit there.  I was surprised when I went there.  It was a relatively small area, only the crime was larger then life.

If you have visited the Sixth Floor Museum, what as your impression?

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  1. I have visited the 6th Floor Museum. There is no doubt in my mind that there was more than one shooter. Oswald had a straight on shot before the vehicles turned. He waited for the crossfire from the picket fence.