Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Top 10 Burning Questions in the PSU child abuse scandal:

BY KEVIN CIRILLI (guest writer)

1. Will Joe Paterno testify? Sports journalists covering JoePa at post-game press conferences know he can be anything but polite. This could come as soon as Dec. 7, Sandusky's scheduled preliminary hearing.

2. Will Graham Spanier leave Penn State? If JoePa was the heart of Penn State, Spanier was the brains. Despite resigning as university president, Spanier is still a tenured professor.

3. Did Mike McQueary do more? NBC News reports that quarterback coach Mike McQueary emailed players that he did try to stop the alleged incident that occured with Sandusky and a boy in the shower.

4. What will the political fall out be for Gov. Corbett? In conservative Centre County, where PSU is located, JoePa is still a beloved figure. Corbett, a Republican, supports the Board of Trustees decision to fire Paterno. This could make him (and other politicians who spoke out against Paterno) be viewed as a leader who rushed to judgement.

5. What did Jack Raykovitz know? The CEO of Sandusky's Second Mile resigned last week but gave no reason as to why except for a statement released from Second Mile's Board of Trustees.

6. What will the civil suit say? Sources close to forthcoming civil suit say Penn State university should've done more. Expect floods of pending litigation.

7. How connected were PSU and Sandusky's Second Mile? Nearly every journalist covering this case is looking into whether there's truth to that horrific rumor, as of now unsubstantiated, that Sandusky pimped-out Second Mile boys to wealthy donors.

8. How many kids will denounce allegations? Sandusky's attorney told Bob Costas he expects some will.

9. How many more kids will come forward? There's been widespread reports that since the story broke, more than 10 new incidents have been reported to the authorities.

10. Who will get charged next? Multiple sources connected with the case believe more criminal charges could be filed against new individuals within the coming weeks.

-- A Delco native, Kevin Cirilli is a journalist who will graduate early from PSU this December. The former campus news editor to PSU's student newspaper, he's contributed reporting on the Sandusky scandal for multiple publications, including Newsweek and The Philadelphia Inquirer. View his website here.

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  1. A scandal says it all... it's scandalous and what's more alarming is that it's child abuse. Sometimes, one's social status nor one's profession doesn't say a lot about the kind of person one is. There are just certain instances when some wind up as criminals and many least expect it.