Monday, October 17, 2011

Top 10 Occupied in Philly

This was my first experience attending what I would call a "be in".  There are photos and video of what it looked like on Saturday at City Hall in the city of Philadelphia.

1. Occupy Philly began on October 6th at City Hall in Philadelphia in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.  It is a peaceful demonstration to raise public awareness and also in support of the Global Revolution that is popping up all around the world.

2.  Where do you fall in the percentages? It was explained to me in this way, 99% of the population is working to make 1% of the population rich.  They are the haves and the have nots.

3. Government of the People (1965-1976) a sculptor by Jacques Lipchitz sits across the street at the Municipal Services Building Plaza opposite City Hall where the "Occupy Philly" demonstration is on going. I found it to be an interesting correlation.  I was in town on Saturday afternoon so I decided to see what it was all about. 

4. Many messages were displayed on the various signs. "I am mad as hell",  was a common chant and "They got bailed and we got sold out", was a sign I couldn't dispute.

5. Along with "Hey, hey, Ho, Ho, Corporate Greed Has Got To Go". Protesters took to the street and switched sides crossing when traffic came to a stop at the traffic light. Police were in the vicinity on foot and bicycles but there were no clashes or interaction.

6. "You look nice, let's work together", was another sign. It seemed like a non-violent crowd.

7. This was an interesting twist, actor Bob Weick was performing dialogue from the play Marx in Soho, a play written by Howard Zinn.  Listening to him in this environment, you would never know these words weren't meant for today's events.  These were the words of Karl Marx in 1843.

8. I found this to be a thought provoking sight, watching a patriot walking home from a day on the job, he was not involved in the protest. I couldn't help but wonder what he thought about all the commotion. He just kept on walking.

 9. Protesters seemed honkered down and ready to spend the night or the several days it will take to get some attention. I am not sure what resolution they are looking for

10. I Got Mine, Screw You Is A Crappy Attitude, was posted on another sign. How many people actually feel this way? Could it possibly be 1% or 99%?  This one worries me, I think the percent is growing here, more people are worried about their own jobs, the rest, well you are on your own.

The Global Revolution is taking place all over the world.  People are speaking out.  Is anyone listening? Here is a link to live streaming if you are interested. It is hard to say if these public displays can make a difference.  I used to think voting was the way to stand up and be counted. Does that still work or just pit us against one another? This is no party.  When is "enough is enough" no matter which side you are on. Another link


  1. Nice. Didn't know you had gone down there. Good for you. I am definitely a supporter of this movement.

    Please check out the most recent entry in my blog and some of the associated comments. My entry is realted in spirit to the OWS movement.

    Actually, I thought you'd be a follower of my blog by now. I follow yours. :) Hope to see you guys soon.

  2. Thanks for following Lou, as you know I am more of an observer and I see when you post a new blog. I'm linked. Your new one hasn't shown up yet? and I didn't get that movie Inception. I am still scratching my head was it real or just a dream??